It Is Freedom From Slavery, Not Unemployment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need a very big change, a true inner revolution, as well as an external transformation, an absolutely new organization of human society. We will need to go through it in either a forced manner, under pressure and out of hopelessness, or we will understand where we are going and that we do not have any other choice before we are forced to do it.

After all, we are not dealing with unemployed people. We are dealing with people who have no need to do useless work, all of them together and each one individually. Besides life’s necessities that we have to provide for ourselves, everything else should be dedicated to the goal of our existence.

This is the essential question: What are we living for? Now it is taking center stage. Our entire life will be organized in accordance with this main question, and we will dedicate the biggest part of our time to it, besides doing the essential things to provide for our existence.

In other words, the question is not how to keep laid off people busy. We need to see the world in an opposite state. So, our approach to it should change completely. Everything in the past will fall apart. We should begin to build an environment, all the organizations, structures, and human relations in another way.

When I meet a friend, I would no longer ask him where he works, referring to the master to whom he belongs, such as a high-tech company, a bank, a garage, or any other place where he spends his entire day working. One’s job will no longer be as important. Work will become a simple necessity for providing for the needs of society. Man will dedicate several hours a day to this and receive everything he needs, just like everyone else. This is on condition that he advances and fills the main hours of his day with the attainment of a goal that is worthy of man.

Instead, I would ask him where he studies, in which group, and on what level. I would treat him as a person, not like the slave of the master whom he serves. First of all, we need to develop this notion, adopt this future image, and transition from the current state to the state I have painted briefly.

This will require a very strong turn in perception, sensation, and attitude. We must change from within, and this will not be easy. We must destroy our previous way of thinking and our heart. There cannot not be a bigger and more significant reformation than this one for a regular person living in this world because this pertains to the essence of life.

It determines what a person awakens with, what he goes to sleep with, how he spends his entire day, what he does, how society treats him, what it must do in relation to every person, and how to develop education and upbringing systems. All this must change.

We must envision this future image and understand the very first changes we must make in accordance with this. Even if the world does not yet understand this, it is the future. Any steps we now take, even the very initial ones, will lead in this direction.

This is similar to the way that a small child does not understand why he has landed in a day care where he will be educated and reared with the purpose of being sent off to a school. In the same way, people do not need to know about all the global changes that are awaiting them today. Gradually, as they take their first steps and change, they will be able to see a little farther and better understand and accept them as desirable.

Our objective is to develop an educational system where a person will change in the direction of a new state that he must attain in any case. The more active he is in this proposed process, the smoother and lighter the changes will be.

It is clear that he will not be able to change in one moment and become a new person, jumping from one state to another. This requires a real and very difficult inner revolution. However, we need to propose a process of development where the person would gradually change in the direction of the new world, without having a full understanding of what is happening to him along the way.

Gradually, the time we spend working and the values we are accustomed to will not be the only things to change. During the hours dedicated to study and unity, a person will begin to build himself, preparing for the new world so that his mind and heart will become “human” instead of the current mind and heart of a slave.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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