There Can Never Be A Last Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have done a great deal of preparation. We had great hopes and expectations, and we were in a wonderful embrace over the three days of the convention. All of this continues and will continue.

Yet, there are still people among us who consider this lesson to be the last. But will we not continue to meet at our daily lessons tomorrow? This is why there is no first or last lesson, but a continuous chain of our development.

It is only when we attain an even greater connection during our meetings that we must erase the attained connection, without dispersing the warmth we have attained that reigns between us. We must aspire toward an even greater sensation of immersion in the cloud of warmth, reciprocity, union, and common embrace and continue it in life.

As descents appear, we will connect them to the same embrace, making it even stronger than during the convention. After all, two forces must participate in spiritual birth: There is a force that forms us, restrains, and a force that pushes us out into the new world. We will not be born without their fight within us.

This is why we need to become accustomed to the feeling of love and contradiction. Becoming distant and coming together manifest in us simultaneously. We will experience our spiritual birth between them.
From Lesson 8, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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