To Be Born Faster

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have said that we are in the process of spiritual birth. How do we complete this birth, and once it is completed, how do we hold on to this state and contribute to further development?

Answer: The process of birth includes two forces: the force of the fetus itself and the force of its mother. The external force pushes to birth, and the inner force connects in one desire. Then, we are ready to be born.

What is born from us is our one, common, whole desire to perceive the reality that already exists between us, but is concealed by our egoism. Kabbalah is called the secret wisdom because it reveals what is concealed from us.

We need external forces to push us in order to reveal it. Either nature serves this function, or we create this pressure by creating our environment. It is preferable for the female part of our gathering to provide us with the external pressure so that we, the male part, would be obligated to unite. All our private aspirations to reveal the higher reality will turn into one aspiration.

Then, we will reveal this reality and be born into a new world similar to the way we are born in our world. I can feel by the questions, desires, thoughts, the common flow, spirit, and mood that the participants of our convention are beginning to feel this reality that has appeared over us.
From Lesson 7, The World Arvut Convention 12/8/2011

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