Be Born Into The System Of Adam HaRishon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference if I realize a Reshimo or if we realize it together?

Answer: I realize my particular Reshimo as a part of the Reshimo of the group. But the Upper Light only considers the Reshimo of the group. As long as this collective Reshimo has not reached a sufficient intensity that makes it possible for us to realize it within our connection, the Light will not be revealed. A private account is not made with any of us.

This is the condition for receiving the Torah as one man with one heart, that is, according to the collective Reshimo. There can be millions of particular Reshimot, but as long as they are not connected into one collective Reshimo required for the next level, we don’t rise to it.

We are now on the level of the animate and we need to realize a Reshimo from the level of the speaking. This is a collective Reshimo that we all gather together, that must be sufficient in quantity and quality. It’s not known exactly what this must be, but it’s only clear that the amount of all of our deeds multiplied by the quality, by the intensity of our effort, must connect into one higher level Reshimo.

All of the inanimate matter is equal to one plant, all of the plants is equal to one animate, and all of the animate is equal to one speaking. Therefore, we also need all of the Reshimot of the animate to connect and give us one Reshimo of the speaking.

And this is called the collective Reshimo of the group, which could include within it a million people below. It doesn’t matter how many there are, the main thing is that our Reshimo will qualitatively attain an intensity of one Reshimo of the next level. Then we will be born.

When we are born into the new world, not one of us will be there, rather there will only be “us.” When you will be born, you will immediately feel a system there that includes you in which you are found together with Rabbi Shimon and Adam HaRishon. Then you will already begin to take account of the souls.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, The Zohar

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