The Zeros And Ones Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that the Reshimot (reminiscences) of Aviut (thickness) of a lower level 4/3 instead of 4/4 is left in the Partzuf (faces) during its purification?

Answer: The Reshimot grow smaller, since I decide not to touch such desires anymore.

After I decide to purify myself, to stop working with the desire, my Masach (screen) rises to the Peh de Rosh (mouth of the head), and on the way, there are beatings of the Light. Eventually the Reshimot of the new level (4/3), which wasn’t in me before, is revealed.

The system by which we work with our Reshimot is like a computer in which there are only zeros and ones. It works only with the data that is in it at any given moment and doesn’t think even one step ahead. At the moment, this is the data I have and I work with it. In the next moment, new data will appear and I will work with it, again without hesitation.

This is the desire to receive and it understands only what it currently feels. This filling depicts the world, itself, and the Creator, and this is what one should work with, as it written:  “A judge has only what his eyes can see.”

Reshimot 4/3 stabilizes only after I reach Peh de Rosh, where there is a special Light, Keter de Guf (crown of the body), and so I feel how a new attitude towards the host appears inside me.

Feeling the Light of Ruach (spirit) instead of the Light of Nefesh (soul) is like emerging as a plant from inanimate nature. It is a huge difference. The whole universe is filled with still matter with plants existing only on the surface of the earth. A plant differs from the still matter by responding to the Creator, by being attracted to the Creator by itself.

The difference is much greater between a man and an animal and is revealed in the Partzuf only after the whole process is completed.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Writings of  Baal HaSulam

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