Always Ready To Take A Step Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to try to see every state that we go through: from the highest to the lowest, from the clearest to the most unclear, confused, and vague, as stemming from the relationship between the Light and the vessel. Therefore, I have to go through them, and the only question is how have prepared myself in order to receive it, to go through it, to overcome it, to exit it, and move forward to a more advanced state.

Everything depends on my preparation, but every state stems from the Reshimot (reminiscences) in me, from the time of the shattering of the general soul as a result of the mutual incorporation in other vessels. Therefore I have to go through all these states one by one.

If I prepare myself properly, I receive all the states with understanding and take preventive steps. I know why these states come and for what purpose, and so I receive them gladly blessing the evil just as I bless the good. It is because each state is given to me in order to help me advance, and I already understand that.

I prepare the support of the group and a clear daily schedule so that at every point of the hardening of the heart, I will be able to perceive correctly what is going on. If certain pleasant or even unpleasant feelings come along, it is simpler to establish the right attitude towards them. But there are many states in which a person doesn’t feel anything and is in a kind of numbness.

Then time passes, days go by, and sometimes even months, as if idly. A person doesn’t feel that he can add or change anything, and this is the worst state.

Indifference is a very big problem. Here we have to have a very strict daily schedule and act mechanically so that we can still gather all the moments and focus them in the right direction as much as one possibly can. There is no feeling, no awakening, and no understanding, but at least I participate in the work by my actions. Then it is considered a whole action.

Therefore it is written: “One should always sell the beams of his house,” no matter what happens to me and what happens to my previous achievements that are called my house, my property, the main thing is I can take one more step forward.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Writings of Rabash

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