There Is Nothing Worse Than Emptiness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a result of natural development, the desire of humanity changes from within, gradually it loses the interest in materialistic acquisition. What signs are there that we must begin to fulfill our role for humanity?

Answer: You can see it according to the feeling of emptiness and the inability to fulfill ourselves. A person begins to ask about the meaning of life because he doesn’t want to have an animal existence.

Once he found meaning for life through materialistic acquisitions and was prepared to work harder in order to buy something and then buy more and more. But today he doesn’t really want this. It doesn’t bring fulfillment. It seems that man has lost the taste of life. And this happens so that he will discover the real taste of life.

All that was, isn’t suitable any longer, and the new hasn’t appeared yet. But the human being, by himself, is not able to find this new fulfillment, and therefore, he must go through large and difficult problems because he is not able to live without pleasure. And if he comes to despair, then he will go crazy.

And this is a critical point from which wars could develop, crises. From a feeling of helplessness, a person is able to perform all kinds of crazy acts, but the main thing is to quiet the feeling of emptiness.

There is nothing worse than an empty place. If there is no love, then there will be a need to fill it with hate. Therefore, we must explain to people where it comes from and why and how it is possible to improve and correct the situation. We need to organize the people, to begin to connect them, to show them that it is possible to overcome this emptiness, which medications and psychological treatments are powerless against.

The only treatment that is able to help is our system of connection. A person tries and suddenly he sees that it really gives fulfillment.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, Talk on the Unification of the Nation

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