Guaranteeing The Welfare Of The Friend

Baal HaSulam,The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee): All of Israel are responsible for one another.

(Sanhedrin, 27b, Shavuot 39): This is to speak of the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee), when all of Israel became responsible for one another. Because the Torah was not given to them before each and every one from Israel was asked if he agreed to take upon himself the Mitzva (precept) of loving others in the full measure, expressed in the words: “Love thy friend as thyself.” This means that each and every one in Israel would take it upon himself to care and work for each member of the nation, and to satisfy all their every needs, no less than the measure imprinted in him to care for his own needs.

Question: How is it possible to guarantee that a friend will not lack anything he needs?

Answer: The group unites and connects according to spiritual conditions that must exist between friends. They need to be concerned that every friend will have everything necessary, which is “neither condemned nor praised,”and it must be for everyone.

And after there is a required minimum, every friend must have an opportunity to invest his forces maximally for attaining the purpose of his life together with the group.

The physical assets must be such as are required for existence and no less. Even from the days of the sages of the Talmud, the requirement for tormenting the body and austerities were abolished. So it is forbidden to limit ourselves intentionally so that the body will suffer.

Everyone needs to arrange his life in this world in order to exist according to the accepted norms in our times. The group must be concerned about this. Certainly a friend cannot fall on the hands of the friends and hope that the group will take care of him.

But if a friend tries by himself, then it is necessary to help him to attain the necessary level required for existence. And then one should invest all the rest of his powers in our connection in order to reveal the Creator in this connection between us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Talk on the Unification of the Nation

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