A Nation Needing Wisdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How would a nation that lives according to the laws of mutual guarantee look?

Answer: The future form of humanity will be such that we will stop creating more products than we need in order to exist.

The form of existence will be determined by the spiritual values becoming more important than material ones. If a person is wholeheartedly involved in spiritual advancement, he doesn’t need much for his physical existence: only a normal standard level so as not to limit himself.

He needs to exercise a little, to get nourishment, sleep, and have a family; everything necessary should be available to him. It could be that he needs some special clothing to go out to people and carry out his work, but personally he won’t need this. He could give everything up, but because the physical body exists, he has to provide for himself.

And everything beyond what is required will be felt by him as a burden, as pressure. Humanity will gradually come closer to such form of existence. Soon we will reach a situation where we will still produce a great number of needless products, but gradually we will stop buying them.

And people will buy less not because they will have less money, meaning not because of external causes, but because of internal causes; they simply won’t have the desire. The attitude to this will suddenly change, we will lose interest: “Well, I will buy and what will this give me?”

The desire will lessen and disappear completely. One desire will replace another. A spiritual desire has to become revealed in humanity, and although we we are a long way from this, the spiritual desire is already gradually beginning to neutralize the material one.

People buy less and less. We will see in the coming years how people will become more and more indifferent to material acquisition. Not because someone limits them, but simply because they will not feel a need for this.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, Talk on the Unification of the Nation

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