The Ukrainian Crisis Will Produce Tectonic Shifts

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei A. Karaganov, Dean of the School of World Economics and International Affairs at Russia’s National Research University Higher School of Economics): “It is quite obvious that the economic consequences of the current crisis will be much more profound than they now seem – even for Europeans. But what is happening now, it’s not just the collapse of the geopolitical system but much deeper.

“Disabling Visa services, banking instruments, is actually an undermining of the whole economic system that was created by the West, but enjoyed by the whole world, which is now economically greater than the West. Apparently, we’ll have huge tectonic shifts for decades.”

My Comment: The collapse of this system occurs at all levels, otherwise it can not be replaced by the next system. And the next system is integral, fully interconnected, and completely opposite to the existing system. Thus, the collapse of the existing system is gradual, but global.

We will be able to replace the old egoistic system with the new altruistic system only by re-educating humanity. Kabbalah is revealed in our time just for this operation.

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