Literature And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_525Question: I think that without the literature I read before beginning to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, I would not understand and not internally grasp the wisdom of Kabbalah that is close to me. Even Baal HaSulam read novels and historical works. What is superfluous and what might aid development?

Answer: I don’t say that it you shouldn’t be involved with anything or not read anything. I simply warn you in advance that studying the wisdom of Kabbalah will narrow your interests to a certain well-directed path. So he will go on a path from which it is already difficult to deviate because all of his thoughts and yearning will be directed only toward revealing the Creator.

But through attaining the Creator he will understand everything else. Harmony will unfold in front of him as in music, literature, and art. He will begin to see an inner meaning in everything, the inner drive of great people, writers, artists, and composers who created those works. Everything will move into his inner sensations and it is doubtful that he will have a need for anything on the outside.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t limit a person, rather it makes possible the correct approach to life.

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