Corporeal And Spiritual Development

laitman_765_1Question: Is our corporeal development a result of our spiritual development?

Answer: No. Our corporeal development is meant to bring a person to a state in which he realizes that corporeality doesn’t bring him pleasure, truth, or the meaning of life. Corporeality shows a person that eventually he has to direct his energy in a totally different direction, toward attaining the internal meaning of nature and not its application to satisfy his body. Currently we are serving our body (as an animal) by creating the most comfortable situation for it at any given moment.

Question: I envy my friends who engage in volunteer work, for example, in helping people survive in the hot spots on the globe, or participating in helping survivors after earthquakes or floods. Can this kind of work give me a real meaning in life?

Answer: No, because you are saving bodies from death, and a person’s body is a beastly entity. Saving a soul is more meaningful because the soul is eternal and exists above time.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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