New Life #345 – Peace With Nature

New Life #345 – Peace With Nature
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What is this concept called peace, between which forces are balanced, what is supposed to be found in peace and through what actions can it be reached?


Peace (Shalom) is wholeness (Shlemut), that can exist on condition that we know the forces of nature and create an agreement (Hashlemah) among them.

In nature everything is built upon two opposing forces, plus and minus, hot and cold, reception and giving. All our relationships require balance between reception and giving.

Nature is revealed today as an inclusive network of connections; we are out of balance with it, we lack peace. Peace agreements as they always have been as various compromises won’t help. Now we must adapt to the laws of nature. Today we must achieve true peace, the adaptation of the relationships between us to the general system of nature.

True agreement is not compromise; rather, each side accepts the needs of the others as if they were his own. And in the connection between the two sides, a third is revealed—the next level of human development.
From KabTV’s “New Life #345 – Peace With Nature,” 4/10/14

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