The End Of The Money Era, Part 2

Laitman_004Question: The Americans managed to cultivate patriotism and national pride among its people. Why hasn’t this happened in Europe from the moment the Common Market was created?

Answer: This is obvious. In the US there is one army, one police, one capitol, and one White House. And although each state has its own laws and management, it is purely a municipal division. And this is one country and that gave America a completely different look compared to Europe.

In the European Union there are thirty languages, thirty countries, thirty different cultures, and even different religious faiths that were fighting with each other throughout the history. Each one has a claim against a neighbor over boundaries. Each one holds a grudge toward the nearest neighbors. Therefore, there can’t be such unity between them as in the US.

In the US they have adopted a single principle: money and freedom of economic enterprise. As long as you act within the legal framework, do what you want and then everyone will be evaluated according to the amount of money he has in his bank account.

Egoism blossoms if it is allowed to work freely. It can be weighed on these scales. How much do you weigh? Only hundred dollars? And he weighs a hundred million, this is a respected person. However, it gives a clear value to everything and the entire system works smoothly.

Everyone is evaluated this way, whoever he is: musician, writer, or professor. The first thing he is asked is how much he is worth, that is how much money he has in the account. And this determines everything.

And in Europe everything is blurry, because the Europeans value culture, education, and the ideals of the French Revolution, i.e., all different values that can’t be measured with money. The Europeans keep them and value them. On one hand, this is good. But on the other hand, these are not clear egoistic principles that can lead to a common denominator to evaluate all countries according to.

One standard of measurement for everyone is required, and there is none. For the Frenchman it’s his French wine, for the Belgian his dried fish, and for the German his beer—these are more important than the whole Europe. There weren’t such differences in America so it was easy to connect people who came just to become rich and to provide a good life for themselves. But in Europe there isn’t such a simple principle, it is divided into a number of different values.

There is no one standard, no common denominator between the countries, and therefore they can’t unite. The common denominator isn’t very simple—this something common between all of us, between you and me, between you and him. We need to do some kind of averaging between everyone, but in Europe this won’t work. It isn’t possible to unite even according to the American principle: to enrich and create a United States of Europe.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/16, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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