Adam And Eve

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: It says that the Creator created Adam, as if he is a collective figure that resembles the Creator.

Answer: The attitude of the Creator to the creation is called Adam. And the created being is Eve (Havah), i.e., it is already present, the desire to receive.

Comment: According to The Book of Zohar, Adam is a combination of the male and the female parts.

Answer: That’s right, but the female part in a man is concealed. Of course it stems from the Creator but not directly, not as something from nothing.

Comment: In the past there were organisms that impregnated themselves and then divided into a male and female part.

Answer: We can still see this phenomenon in nature. Now many species in the animal world change their sex from male to female and vice versa depending on the need to continue the species.

Question: Does this correlate with what The Book of Zohar says about the unity of the male and the female parts?

Answer: No. The Book of Zohar tells us only about spiritual states. How their effects are manifested in our world—here there are many options.

When the desire began to develop it was divided into a male and a female part, which led to the emergence of people who were males and females in our world and who have to mate  to have offspring.

It is only by the mating of two opposite separate independent elements of nature that the emergence of a third element is possible, similarly to the way the two lines, the right and the left lines, generate the middle line.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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