Does The World Need Money?

laitman_600_04Question: In what way is it possible to help the world other than with money?

Answer: The world has no need for money; instead it needs people who understand this world. There is no connection to money here.

Money is received for some potential, some possibilities, but if this doesn’t come along with intelligence, then it only harms the world. Money enslaves a person. The person who is most free is someone who has nothing, but also has no need for anything.

Suppose that a billion dollars “fell” on you now. You would sit from morning to night thinking about what to do with this and with that; your freedom would end So, truly great people, authors, artists, and musicians were always afraid of too much money, only enough so that there would be means for them to work.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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  1. yeah and usually a billion dollars falls on you daily. so now what happened to the “The Light that fills the soul fills a person with pleasure that is 620 times greater than all the pleasures in this world.”

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