New Life 744 – Our Spiritual DNA

New Life 744 – Our Spiritual DNA
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The cradle of ancient civilization originated in ancient Babylon. From there humanity scattered all over the Earth and people were influenced by the places in which they settled. In those times, religion connected people from different lands. But ultimately most people left ancient Babylon so all included everyone.

All of us contain additional information beyond the physical DNA. We call this spiritual DNA or a Reshimo (reminiscence). This spiritual DNA is the root of the soul and is part of the spiritual system called Adam HaRishon (the First Man). The spiritual DNA, the Reshimo, is the data within a person’s desire that determines how this desire will develop. For example, the spiritual information that is said to be realized in a child is what causes his parents to mate and give birth to him.

The spiritual system determines what will happen to every individual desire at every moment on the way to the completion of correction of the system. It manages us through the spiritual DNA that is implanted in us. The entire way through which a person must pass until the completion of correction, the end of correction, is recorded in the spiritual DNA. This is the state in which all desires are connected and all of them complement each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life 744 – Our Spiritual DNA,” 7/12/16

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