Japan: Robots Are Replacing Farmers

Laitman_405Question: The world is approaching robotization (the replacement of people by robots) more and more. In Japan, for example, robots have begun to replace farmers, and toward the end of 2016, they are planning to build a completely robotic farm. It is interesting to see that a Japanese literature competition held recently finished with a novel that was written by a robot. So, gradually, robots are replacing people.

Answer: It is possible to replace people in everything, except spiritual work.

A point in the heart is within each one of us. This is a spiritual point, a connection with the Creator, or our resemblance to Him. This point in the heart cannot be created artificially because this attribute is given to a living person, a biological entity, and we cannot transfer and implant this in a robot.

So, we should not worry about the loss of work that robots will carry out.

We must do what people must do: develop this point of divinity within us to the point of full resemblance and equivalence to the Creator. The resemblance that is developed in us is what is called Adam (Man). Everything else is a body on the animate level, not on the level of Adam. Robots were created only to push us toward this work.

Question: What does “becoming like the Creator” mean?

Answer: Becoming like the Creator is developing the internal and hidden desire within us that attracts us toward oneness, friendship, mutual help, and connection to the mutual merging of everyone into one single image called Adam, from the word “Domeh” (similar to the Creator). It is up to every person, all of humanity, to reach this state.

We can do this. For this, there are unique forces in nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this, and helps in discovering and using them so that we will become like the Creator.

The future of humanity is a society in which all of the physical work will be carried out by robots and machines, while people will be involved with spiritual work. This is the human level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/24/16

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