Who Is Better Off?

Laitman_506_3Question: In the corporeal world people lie, flatter, provoke intrigues, and gloat at the failure of others. Do such behaviors exist in the spiritual world too?

Answer: Human nature is egoistic. We constantly want to see ourselves in the best possible condition, to be superior to others, better than others, etc. Everyone measures his position relative to others or with respect to himself: am I superior to others or are they inferior to me, so then I feel better.

Tis does not exist in the spiritual world because there everything is felt in the opposite manner. The more highly regarded others are, the better we feel.

Question: If a person pleases another without receiving a reward, does it mean that the soul is happy?

Answer: It is merely a positive use of the ego. The ego is pleased and so it does it for others, which means that a person uses his natural ego correctly and safely.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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