China Favors The Establishment Of Palestine

laitman_547_02Comment: The Prime Minister of China, in his appearance at the Arab League, declared that Israel must be divided into a Jewish nation and a Palestinian nation with the capital of the Palestinian nation in East Jerusalem. They allocated 7.6 million dollars for this.

Response: It only appears to be allocated. There is no nation in the world that will not protect Israel until the UN will make a decision to liquidate the “Zionist Nation.” They will determine the date and the time period for the process when everyone must leave the territory of the nation. Each will leave for wherever he wants, for wherever they will agree to accept, if at all.

This is what will happen here in Israel if we continue to engage in personal benefit, with schemes of one against the other, and think only about this.

We all know how we treat each other instead of uniting, how everyone hates each other in the Knesset, trying to impose his opinion. If it will continue to be like that, we have no future.

Question: Does this mean that Israel will not have any friends at all?

Answer: A nation has no friends, there are only interests. This is what determines whether a nation is friendly or not. According to the given interests, we have no friends because we are behaving improperly. We are not telling and not showing humanity what we must do so that the world can be saved and their condition improved specifically thanks to our correct behavior.

It is up to us to show the world an example of how to unite, how to raise the standard of living, social relationships, and everything else because in this way we attract the Upper Light, the upper force, to us that can implement all of the changes in our nature, and then just wait for this situation to influence the world.

The upper force is not God as we think. This is the force that exists in nature, and it is necessary to know how to attract it so it changes mankind and adds to the evil that fills our world, good—a positive force. And without it, we are only influenced by the negative pole.

If we do this, then not only will we have friends, but everyone will even follow us with their eyes shut because the world has nowhere else to go. We just need to show them a personal example of the method of unification.

Therefore we must do this so that the people of Israel will know what the realization of their historical mission is. Without this, the world will drive us in a terrible way, not only here, but also from every point in the world. The future lies only in unification.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/24/16

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