Answers To Your Questions, Part 132

Laitman_151Question: What does the term “do away with himself” (the expression in Hebrew means to lose one’s reason) refer to according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: A person must choose whether to advance within reason or above reason in every situation in life. Above reason refers to advancing against the corporeal mind and reason.

Instead of making the natural choice in the attribute of receiving, a person chooses the attribute of bestowal. If a person cannot advance above reason, he falls to the corporeal mind and reason, within reason, and this means that he does away with himself.

Question: What do the terms “uniqueness – Yichud – יחוד” and “Jew – Yehud – יהוד” mean? When does the letter “Chet” change to “Hey” and why?

Answer: It is in many sources, because all letters of the Hebrew alphabet are interchangeable, i.e., are built in accordance with the 10 Sefirot. See the article about the letters.

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