Answers To Your Questions, Part 131

laitman_281_02Question: In which book is crossing the Machsom (Barrier) described? Could it be that I have crossed it already and haven’t noticed?

Answer: You can learn about this by reading the material by Baal HaSulam on the subject of Tzimtzum Aleph.

Question: For a Kabbalist, who are the others? Are they his friends in a group or is every person considered to be one of the others?

Answer: First they are his friends on the path of spiritual development and then all those who are attached to it.

Question: What is “good” in spirituality, and in what way is it different from the materialistic “good?”

Answer: Good in spirituality represents the absolute good that leads a person to the purpose of his creation.

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  1. How does one think towards problem solving and adhering to the thought, There’s none else besides Him.

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