Jewish Newspaper’s Anti-Semitic Activity

laitman_561Question: Today Israel is fighting against BDS, a boycott declared on it by other nations. Simultaneously, the newspaper Haaretz has organized a campaign urging Jewish Americans to stop supporting us because Israel sent Danny Danon as ambassador to the UN who allegedly is an emissary of Apartheid. How do you relate to the activities of the Haaretz?

Answer: From the point of view of Kabbalah, their actions are perfectly natural for Jews. An “uncorrected” Jew hates his Jewishness and does not want to be a Jew. He constantly carries out an internal scrutiny about how to avoid it.

After all, he consists of two opposite characteristics: an enormous egoistic heart, which is called “desire,” and a small point in the heart, which is the beginning of the existence of a truly spiritual, altruistic attribute. This was built in us since the days of ancient Babylon where 3,500 years ago under the leadership of Abraham we attained contact with the upper force, the Upper Light.

The spiritual point will not let us rest, and a person feels great contradictions and oppositions within himself. So, many anti-Semites involved in all the actions against Israel are Jews, who want to suppress this point.

It does not allow them to live. And only if a person understands this and begins to develop the point in the heart within the power of desire, it gradually raises to the level of the Creator, and it returns to being above this world, above everything.

Therefore, it is completely natural that each of us has a potential true anti-Semite inside us that is incomparable to the anti-Semites of the world.

Among the Jews, there is a sharp anti-Semitism that appears in the contrast between the egoistic and altruistic desires. Therefore, it is no wonder that when people like the members of the editorial board of Haaretz or members of the leftist parties gather together a wave of hatred is ignited in them.

But, on the other hand, I still hope that it will be possible to approach them and explain how the outcome of their special relationship to the State, to the people, and that their way is absolutely dead-end, because it does not bear correction,
In this way there is no way to combine the two desires: a great little egoistic and altruistic.

On the other hand, I still hope that it will be possible to approach them and explain where they get their unique relationship to the nation and the people and that it is a dead end because it doesn’t bring any correction with it. According to their way, it is impossible to connect the two desires: the enormous egoistic desire and the small altruistic desire. This must be done so that the altruistic desire would begin to conduct a higher energy, Light and love, according to the enormous egoistic desire. Then, these two desires would transform into a single, complete desire, and this state is called a soul.

There is nowhere to escape from this because our lives exist only to make one more step toward the creation of a common soul. In the future, the present time also will become the ancient history of humanity, but it is up to us to take a step forward, struggling for the soul of our distant descendants so that in the following incarnations we will not be sorry that we didn’t prepare the future state. So, let us join together to begin to carry out the true work of the Jewish people within us, and after that, we also will work with all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/30/16

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