“Jews Will Always Be Hated”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Iddo Netanyahu, younger brother of Prime Minister of Israel): “I would say that the Jewish people in general throughout its history have had a poor understanding of what is happening around him. I think I understand. But actually – no. We some how are much more blind (politically, I mean) than other nations.

“Probably because we do not fully integrate into the political system of the countries in which we had to live. …

“I’ve been in the mass of Jewish museums – in Europe, America. And in all these museums and memorials dedicated to the Holocaust, for some reason is always the same story: Once there was such a terrible Hitler, he came to power, made the Holocaust, and then it was destroyed, and all was well. But this is absolutely not true. The Holocaust – was the result of the centuries of anti-Semitism, of deep-rooted hatred of Jews. Mini holocausts took place at different locations … . Hitler’s only uniqueness is that he came to power and conquered the whole of Europe. Therefore, he could realize what others have dreamed. But in reality, this is just one of the tragic pages in the history of the Jewish people in Europe. …

“The problem is that in order to properly understand why such terrible things happen to us. …  And the Jews do not want to understand, … Because it’s very hard psychologically – to recognize the hostile reality.

“Jews do not understand the hatred. Because to understand and recognize the existence of such a inexplicable hatred, which can not be resisted in ways that seem effective, is very hard. It is believed that anti-Semitism and the Holocaust happened because Hitler came to power. But in fact the opposite is true – Hitler came to power because there was anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism, he used to win the love of the people. He saw the Mayor came to power in Vienna anti-Semite Karl Lueger, and realized that the hatred of Jews – was a powerful force. But admit it is incredibly difficult, because if we accept that the Holocaust and the pogroms were not an issue of a single period of time in a particular place, then the question arises, what future do we have.

“This is the conclusion arrived at by the Zionist Leon Pinsker here in Russia. He created the Zionist movement … . He thought that if the Jews are emancipated, received education, ceased to speak Yiddish, learned Russian, and removed their traditional clothing, anti-Semitism would end. … A massacre began with the first riots of 1871, which were arranged by educated people, the Russian intelligentsia. Pinsker was sixty when he realized that the forty years of his life was wrong. … Then he realized that the only acceptable solution – is the creation of a separate Jewish state in which Jews would themselves build their future and would not be dependent on other people, on their good or bad will, on the mood of their rulers. …

“The State of Israel does not protect against anti-Semitism. But Israel can defend itself. …

“Unfortunately, anti-Semitism – is unshakable, an integral part of European consciousness. … Hatred has existed for centuries. And to think that it can be destroyed, talking about the Holocaust or the failure of communism, is short-sighted and naive. …

“One can be assimilated, cease to be a Jew. And many Jews simply disappeared, vanished into other nations. But if a person wants to remain a Jew, he would have to admit that putting an end to anti-Semitism is not realistic.”

My Comment: Further education is necessary! 

The Jews as well as all the peoples of the world must understand the roots of anti-Semitism. This is not to uproot it from its source but to understand the origin of this eternal phenomenon and elevate the entire world and all peoples to the next level of existence. And the Jews will be the ones who will awaken humanity to rise.

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