The Light Will Correct Everything

laitman_531_01Question: How can I seal the egoism within me?

Answer: There is no need at all to block anything. On the contrary, don’t even touch the ego at all. It will be corrected to the degree that we attract the Upper Light, attracting the good light that will balance the egoism so that we will correct ourselves.

We will have no relation to the egoism. It lives within us and we are its slaves, as we were with Pharaoh in Egypt. But we are working so that we will gradually attract the Upper Light onto ourselves, the fore that attracts and takes us out from the control of the ego, from our “Egypt” until we have gathered a sufficient degree of power in quantity and quality and we can begin to transcend it.

It is necessary to think only about the good and the connection between us and not about our bad characteristics. They were within us from the start and they should be kept there. The Light will pull them up and correct them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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