New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul

New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The learning process begins with the education of the parents. Whatever a woman learns during pregnancy affects her embryo. The embryo is connected to the upper database, but the pressure of the external world closes him in.The baby absorbs much more than we understand through his internal senses. We all live in order to develop our soul, and if a child has a special soul he has existential questions.

A baby is born with undeveloped internal senses, which must be developed. The senses evoke questions and curiosity , so let the child develop in the direction he is drawn and don’t inhibit him.

Whatever a person learns throughout his lifetime basically brings him closer to the correction of his soul in a very special way The world serves as a huge wrapping for the fundamental question: “What am I living for?”

We have a brain and a heart not in order to serve our corporeal body, but so they will help us attain the internality of life. We have an innate desire to know where we came from ,where we are going, what happened before we are born, and what is after death.

The answers to all these questions are on the spiritual dimension, which we perceive when we develop the desire to bestow goodness. The force of bestowal is the force to exit our natural desire to receive everything for our own sake and works in the opposite direction of  spiritual life, in the direction of giving instead of receiving, of love instead of hate. The drop of spiritual semen, the tiny point that can be developed into a desire to love and to bestow is inside us.
From KabTV’s”New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul,” 9/13/16

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