Disgraceful Behavior At A Cyprus Hotel

Laitman_510_01In the News (Ynet): “According to the teenagers, who recently returned from their vacation, when they left the hotel and requested their passports back (which they had given over for a deposit) the receptionist demanded 50 Euros.

“After asking why they needed to pay and arguing for an hour and a half, things began to heat up.

“The hotel responded, saying ‘the young Israelis smoked and caused a small fire in the rooms. They urinated in the hallways and on the guests’ vehicles. When the staff reprimanded them, the Israelis cursed at the staff members. They broke the management’s doors, pushed women, and threatened to attack them if they didn’t get their deposit back.’

“The hotel spokesman continued, saying ‘(the Israelis) threw up all over the balconies causing other guests to leave and request refunds. They destroyed the wallpaper in the hallways and threw bottles from the balconies. They went swimming in the pool while drunk at 4:00am, despite management telling them that it was forbidden to do so.”

(HaAretz): “Director General of the Tourism Ministry Aharon Domb sent a letter of apology on Wednesday to Louisa Varaclas, director of the Cyprus Tourism Organization in Israel, following a news item published in the Yedioth Ahronot daily on Tuesday regarding the misbehavior of Israeli teenagers in an Aya Napa hotel.

“According to the news item, the youngsters destroyed the doors to their rooms, broke everything they could lay their hands on and broke into other hotel guests’ rooms. …

“Domb said that through travel agents, the ministry of tourism intends to distribute a letter from the ministry to Israeli tourists regarding the importance of proper behavior abroad. In addition, the ministry will contact the teenagers involved in the incident and will try to make them understand the severity of their actions. Domb asked Varaclas to pass his letter to the owner of the hotel in which the teenagers stayed, and expressed his hope that his apology would be accepted.”

My Comment: The lack of discipline and misconduct of the youth is not the fault of the youth but of those who engage in raising and educating them. It is the parents who should be punished or the educators of those teens. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the people’s (and the world’s) bad upbringing is the root of all our problems.

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