Is It Possible To Attain Happiness?

laitman_277Question: Do you believe that a person can be happy in this world?

Answer: It is impossible. You can close your eyes; you can even get drunk or take drugs; you can limit yourself in certain frameworks and not think about anything else, but if a person really discovers himself, if he develops all the time and really wants to understand, to feel, to know, and to attain everything, it is impossible to be happy in our world.

Question: Does this mean that this world was given to us in order to direct us to true happiness?

Answer: This world is given to us as the starting point of our development. We cannot develop any other way in this world. This is the reason that everything that we do in our world is absolutely useless. This means that true life begins from the spiritual ascent, while our world remains as a point. Everything we have done throughout history is only the starting point.

Question: What about all the scientific and cultural achievements?

Answer: All our scientific and cultural achievements are the achievements of our egoism. Nothing is left of all these great achievements and ideas. The whole human history is a history on the animate level.

When we begin to look at ourselves from the side, we realize that the root of all our actions is egoism. It is the cause of all our instincts; it drives us to write poems, novels, music, and other works of art. Therefore, there are no upper attributes, states, or achievements of any kind in any of this!

Our whole history, everything that we experience and all our values we have accumulated throughout our history are only one tiny black point compared to the rest of our development. But when we attain spirituality, we don’t feel sorry about all that because then we truly begin our interstellar journey.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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