Everything Comes From The Creator

laitman_275Question: How is it possible to work with a blow to the ego that comes from an external source and to correctly rise above the subsequent state of hatred? Can I correct negative emotions in work that devours me as a result of conflict?

Answer: First of all, you need to carefully read the materials about the uniqueness of the Creator and the management of creation very carefully. You must understand how to relate correctly to these situations, analyzing all the articles and discussing them with each other.

They are very important for forming the right attitude toward the world we live in and to help us understand through this world how to begin to feel the managing system of upper forces and behind them the singular supreme will, how it projects its management over our world and through whom everything moves. Everything comes only from the Creator; you can call it, Allah, Elokim, or the Creator, it makes no difference. It is the singular upper force that manages the world.

If you consider all of humanity, you will see that there are people in our world who manage and there are those who obey according to a hierarchy that is managed entirely by the Creator. We need to see how to cooperate with the environment to be directed toward the Creator through everything that is happening in the world.

Question: In principle I have to be grateful to the Creator for indicating the location of the “illness” to me?

Answer: In this way the Creator makes it possible for you to be constantly corrected. Ultimately you will reach being similar to Him, eternal and whole, and all of creation will be in front of you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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