Extraterrestrial Civilizations On Planet Earth, Part 5

laitman_936Question: What will be the future form of humanity?

Answer: The future form of humanity is qualitatively new internally, rather than externally; it is a desire to bestow, opposite to today’s egoism. And according to this desire, we will have a new thought that will develop infinitely.

This is completely different scale of thought and mind development. It doesn’t mean becoming a little or even a lot smarter, but refers to a totally different dimension. It is impossible to imagine it now.

Question: You say that the transition from one level to another, from still to vegetative, and from vegetative to animate, requires a complete compression of all the previous steps in order to produce from this concentrate one cell of a new level. When all people will compress into one person in order to produce one cell of a new level, what new features will be discovered in it?

Answer: The force of bestowal will be revealed; a new force that doesn’t exist in our world. It is called the Creator or upper force. We will reveal it, use it, and as it once created a human from an ape, so now it will create eternal and perfect creatures from a person of this world.

Question: How will it affect the entire universe?

Answer: Once we move to a new dimension, we will cease to feel this universe. It exists only in our present egoistic perception, and therefore will disappear when we transition to a new perception of the world.

Question: If this universe disappears, where will we live? What would be our home?

Answer: We will exist in a spiritual vessel, in one common soul that already exists within us; we only need to develop it. This form of the new man will be unlimited, eternal, and perfect in comparison to the one familiar to us today.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

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