Extraterrestrial Civilizations On The Planet Earth, Part 3

Laitman_931-03Question: Why does humanity wish so much to find life beyond Earth? Does it hope that aliens will be much more developed than us?

Answer: Is it worth looking for them at all? If aliens are more primitive than the earthlings, then what do we need them for? If they are more advanced, than why haven’t they found us yet? We are looking in the wrong place! Here, we won’t discover anything. We need to discover the force that developed us within ourselves and continue our development.

What will it give us if we would find a plant or an animal somewhere in the lifeless universe? Even if we found highly developed beings in some other form, how would that help us? Would we bring them to our scientists to study?

The way in which we must move forward is to continue the force of development that already exists within a person and develop ourselves with its help. Let’s explore and find out where it will lead us. Kabbalah says that this is not the way we are developing today.

The force that exists in us today is called a soul, and Kabbalists advise us to reveal it as soon as possible. So, let’s get to know our soul, and according to its laws, we’ll understand the direction in which we should develop.

We study DNA, decode the programs recorded there, and through them, understand how the body should develop. So, let’s study the soul the same way, get to know its spiritual DNA, its internal program, and from this, we’ll understand the direction we should develop. Then, we will come to our future form faster.

All of the aliens and all of the future we dream about are within us. There is nowhere to run.

Question: Then, why is there all of this vast universe around us?

Answer: The universe exists because the special ratio between inanimate matter, plants, animals, and humans must be observed. All of this inanimate mass of the universe must be equal to one vegetative cell. Therefore, everything we see in the universe, all of this infinite space, is equal to one unit of the force of plants.

Since the plant already has a force of life of a new creation, a force of internal development, it is of much higher quality than the inanimate stones. Therefore, the force of the plants that evolved on our Earth spawned within itself one animate cell, an animate essence.

This entire animate force spawned within itself one unit of the human level. Therefore, all of the people must join together, as the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, to compress themselves, to connect, in order to give birth in a special form from all of us to one concept that will be our next degree. If we all connect so that we will gather in one whole as one man in one heart, then we will reach the next stage of our development.

It turns out that our development is in the shape of pyramid. There are countless tons of inanimate matter in the universe. Then, this matter concentrates inside the Earth where all of it turns into one plant. The plants develop, until they turn into one animal, and animals, once they develop, give birth to one human.

Now, a person needs to join all of this inside himself and reach unity. If we reach unity between us, inside it, we will reveal a form of one on a degree higher than ours.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

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  1. For a so called scientist you seem very naive regarding the existence of other life forms be it from our solar system or outer Galaxies.

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