Extraterrestrial Civilizations On The Planet Earth, Part 1

laitman_739Question: Humanity wants to know what is beyond our Earth. The search for other civilizations is the subject of many books and films; it excites people’s imagination. So why does it concern us so much? Why don’t we focus on our planet instead of wasting time on the other ones.

Answer: Some people are not concerned at all with the life on other planets, and some have a burning interest in this subject. I remember my childhood dream to fly to some star. Even after I was told that I wouldn’t be able to return to Earth, I was ready for a space trip.

But that was the end of 50s, the time of the first flights into space. Therefore, everyone was concerned with this subject and dreamed of finding out and seeing what was there on the other planets.

Later this interest faded because our desire developed more. At the beginning this desire pushed us to explore space and made us dizzy with star romance, but then gradually the euphoria passed.

People became indifferent to space exploration and ceased to develop them. Space was given to the disposal of the military that used it only for the purpose of defense, that is, in the interest of our egoism that wanted to rule everyone.

Sometimes newspapers print sensational news about the discovery of some signs of life on the other planets. But I am very skeptical about this, and moreover, I am sure that scientists will find nothing. Although, it is good that humanity is concerned with the opportunity to find other life in the universe.

Why do people need this? This is a very interesting question. The same force that developed us from inanimate matter to plants, then to animals and humans, doesn’t allow us to relax and develops us further. It urges us to see, to act, to control, and to fly to the other stars. But in reality we won’t discover anything special there.

Let’s assume that we landed on Mars. What can we find there? Even if we fantasize and imagine that we found primitive forms of life there, what does it give us?

If we could discover some special, highly developed civilization, then aliens would have come to us a long time ago. Or, perhaps, they are not interested in us because we are so primitive and corrupt? That is, in any case, whether there is life on other planets or not, it does not promise us anything good.

Development shouldn’t be in flying from one star to another and installing our flag on them as if we want to stake out the planet and show that it belongs to earthlings. So it is understandable why humanity is losing interest in space exploration. After all, there really is nothing in it.

We need to develop in a completely different direction, to reveal the force that developed us from inanimate matter to plants, animals, and then humans. We need to reveal this force in us. Nevertheless, it is hidden within us and with its help it will continue our further development.

Apparently, this force is going to develop us to the next form, in the same way as before we developed on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees. So let’s see what the next stage of our development is.

It can be very interesting. Perhaps we will be able to stimulate our development and speed it up. And then we won’t have to dream about how to reach the nearest star that is several light years away, which obviously impossible to implement, because it would take tens of thousands of years with modern technology. Instead of this, we will develop ourselves as quickly as possible and become new creatures.

Just as now there is a difference between a stone and a plant, a plant and an animal, and an animal and a human, so can we develop further to a completely new level. It will be even more exciting, a special development in both quantity and, most importantly, quality, much more substantial than today’s difference between an animal and a human.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

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