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Who Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Meant For?

laitman_254_01Question: Who is the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah meant for?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah answers the question about the meaning of life. Man has evolved for years yet he hasn’t asked himself about the meaning of life, but lived just like all the other animals. But as his egoism grew, he began to wonder, “What is the meaning of life and the meaning of suffering? Why do we suffer or for whom?”

In our generation many ask these questions, as is evidenced by the statistics showing half of humanity is depressed. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us what the reason is and what the meaning and purpose of life are, not those invented by man, but as determined by nature.

The meaning of life is to reveal the next level of our existence, to ascend to this level in this lifetime, to transcend the barrier between life and death, and to break away from our corporeal body. There are many people who want to do so. And there are those who come, listen, and leave since it doesn’t interest them yet. There are also those who having heard our ideas turn to religion.

We don’t force anyone to stay because the wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for those whose ego has developed to the fullest. These people ask themselves the question about the meaning of life and feel that they must get an answer for it, and they need to know its purpose.

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Europe At A Crossroads, Part 4

laitman_626Question: What means do you propose for Europe to come to unity?

Answer: This means is not within us, but is hidden inside nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to extract this good force and to use it to change ourselves. We don’t need to change anything except ourselves.

I can’t change others. But each one who participates in this work changes himself, and nothing else. He can teach others only how to do the same actions and to change.

Question: What is hidden in nature’s force?

Answer: This is a force of connection and unity, the force of love.

Question: So why couldn’t the Europeans discover this force before; after all, they were also talking about unity and love?

Answer: This force hasn’t been revealed yet in any place in the world because the world only now begins to discover how much it needs it. Until now this force wasn’t needed and everybody thought that we would succeed through developing culture, education, science, and philosophy.

But today we see that everything that exists within a person becomes detrimental to him if he begins to use it. If we want to achieve a good, peaceful life, without wars, problems, and troubles, we should adopt the method of Kabbalah that explains how humanity can continue its development in a good way.

Kabbalah teaches us how to extract this force from nature and reveal this force that will unite us. To do this we need to examine ourselves, our nature, the nature of the world, and the force hidden in nature. Previously, we were developing only by the evil egoistic force, but today we can add the good force to it.

Question: Will this force perform a miracle and turn a person from an egoist to an altruist?

Answer: Actually, this force will lead a person to a balance. There will be the old force and the new force present in him, a minus and a plus. Thus, a person will be under control of two forces. Then he will really know how to realize the goals assigned to him.

Question: Does it mean that there is a hidden force in nature that you are advising us to extract?

Answer: This force isn’t so hidden; it operates in nature. We know that in nature there are positive and negative forces in each atom. Only within a person there is the negative force alone, and the positive force isn’t revealed. However, in fact, we know that it exists. We just need to reveal it.

Question: Why haven’t we revealed it so far?

Answer: Because nobody required it. But today we are ready to reveal this force; therefore, the method that allows us to awaken the positive force of nature and to balance the negative force is revealed. This method of Kabbalah was always lived within the people of Israel.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah have some unknown patent for revealing the positive force within a person?

Answer: Of course! Kabbalah explains how to connect, how to study, and where and how to search for this good force. It is because the people of Israel who have this method don’t reveal it that the nations of the world subconsciously hate them. After all, we have the method to unite that everybody badly needs, but we don’t pass it through ourselves to others.

The era of European civilization in its present, egoistic form is coming to an end, and a new era is beginning where we will have to implement the method of Kabbalah and to bring the Light to the world. The new stage begins with a person’s awareness of the need to change himself. People will open their eyes and will begin to understand from where it is really possible to get a force for changing their life for the better.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 140

laitman_202_0Question: The world is so complex that the more you try to get to know it, the more difficult it becomes to find answers, and sometimes there aren’t any that the human mind can grasp. It is a wonder how everything was created in such a contradictory manner and nothing exists without its opposite part. Why haven’t all the fields of study in our world and the teachings of the wisdom of great sages and also the eternal wars, diseases, and natural disasters taught mankind to be good? But, on the contrary, a person falls from spirituality? What will the fulfillment of materiality bring our planet to? What do the upper forces want of us? The ancient intelligent civilizations have disappeared. What is the plan? Everything is explained in the sources in a perfect manner, but in practice it all happens in a much worse way. Is there justice in our world or is it all the fruit of a very developed imagination? Does anyone need us? This is a maze of reflections and thoughts—what a heavy burden.

Answer: It is all very simple. The Creator has created everything in a direct manner, but we advance in a crooked way. Now, too, we simply have to unite and thus summon the Light of correction unto ourselves, but we do everything except this…

Question: Does every human being have an individual spiritual gene?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: If there is suffering in my life, do I have to relate this situation to the Creator (that it is for the best),  and then I won’t feel that the situation is bad? When we approach a problem this way, it seems to disappear, but when you suffer it is very hard to remember that the sufferings come from the Creator. How can I constantly hold on to this intention that “there is none else besides Him,” since it slips away so quickly in times of trouble and instead I feel indifference, anger, rage, etc.?

Answer: Don’t leave the thought that everything comes from Him and do hold on to it all the time! If you can’t, ask Him to help you.

Question:  Do we bring the Creator contentment when we contact Him (when we begin to feel Him)?

Answer: Undoubtedly, and that is the only way.

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Fulfillment Through The Light

laitman_744Question: What is the alternative offered by the wisdom of Kabbalah that is equivalent of money that exists in the world today?

Answer: Effort. Money is the equivalent of the efforts we make. So all that is needed is to balance our lives. Try to rearrange your life just a little, so that you will be able to continue to work, maintain a good relationship with the family, and be involved with everything that you are used to, but in a more balanced way. Try to live in this framework and along with this engage in studying Kabbalah. And you will see how things begin to be arranged so that everything will be enough for you. Thoughts about lack will gradually disappear; you will calm down and everything will truly be enough for you.

Question: You can buy all kinds of pleasure in this world with money. What kind of pleasure does the wisdom of Kabbalah offer if there won’t be any money and all will be on the public dole?

Answer: Kabbalah offers the most tremendous, the most eternal, unchangeable fulfillment and pleasure, which no amount of money can buy. Kabbalah elevates a person to the level of eternity and perfection, above death. This method called Kabbalah is designed so that the Upper Light fills us and we don’t need anything more. In that way we reach our natural root fulfillment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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“A New Geological Age”

laitman_746_03In the News (BBC): “The notion that we have entered a new geological age is real and should be formally recognised, according to an international report.

“The verdict comes from a panel set up to judge the merits of adding an Anthropocene (‘Age of Humans’) time segment to the history of the Earth. …

“It now needs to identify a suitable marker in the environment that epitomises the start of the new phase.

“Colin Waters from the British Geological Survey is secretary to the Anthropocene Work Group (AWG). He presented the progress report to the 35th International Geological Congress in South Africa. …

“And it would likely be an ‘epoch’, said Dr Waters, meaning the current phase of Earth history known as the Holocene has terminated. We would, however, remain within the Quaternary Period and the Cenozoic Era, which are higher rankings in the division of time. …

“Ten members of the 35-strong working group believe the best spike will probably be plutonium fallout from bomb tests in the 1950s, to be found in marine or lake sediments, ice layers or perhaps even speleothems (stalagmites and stalactites).

“Others on the panel, however, think there could be better spikes than the radionuclide. Counter-proposals include remnant plastics or some kind of carbon signature that signifies the rapid rise in CO2 emissions.

“Nonetheless, a clear majority of group members (28 of them) accept that whichever marker is chosen, it should reflect events on Earth around the 1950s.

“This is the beginning of what is often referred to as the ‘great acceleration’, when human impacts on our planet suddenly intensified and became global in extent.”

My Comment: The current age is a time of transition from the level of our world, the development of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, to the next level of development, which is Man or Adam, from the Hebrew word “Adameh” (similar), meaning similar to the Creator.

Just as the world had a different form and different dimensions before mankind appeared on Earth, so will our material world begin to gradually disappear as it ascends to the evolutionary level of Man, until it transcends to the next level, to the quality of total bestowal and harmony.

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Life Will Teach!

laitman_626In the News (European Jewish Press): “Former French Defense Minister Hervé Morin said France should be inspired by Israel in the fight against terrorism.

“He told daily newspaper Le Figaro the country needs to take new measures to adapt to the ‘turbulent times’.

“His statements came a day after a terrorist attack against the church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray in which a priest was killed by Islamist terrorists.

“A centrist politician, Morin heads the regional council of Normandy.

“’France has lived in peace for decades. It now lives in a great turmoil period that will last. Do not hesitate to learn from what was done in the countries hardly hit by terrorism – I refer specifically to Israel. We need to Israelize our security,’’ the former minister under President Sarkozy said.

“He expressed his determination to fight against jihadism, arguing that in his region there are probably ‘around 80 people’ classified as radicalized.

‘’’We must make criminally responsible social networks such as Facebook and others which leave jihadist propaganda flowing and we need to ensure that legal proceedings be initiated against all individuals who visit these sites and those who return from the land of jihad.’’’

My Comment: That is how life teaches itself, on itself. Previously they didn’t agree in any way with the preventative measures used by Israel. Hatred toward Israel will only intensify, because the worse it becomes for the West, the subconscious feeling will become more tangible that the Jews are to blame for the security problems, not the Arabs. This is because the Jews must show the entire world an example of connection and unity, and this is the only this way the world will come to peace and tranquility.

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New Life 620 – Holidays and Festivals: Selichot

New Life 620 – Holidays and Festivals: Selichot
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What are the laws of nature that are represented by the Selichot (Atonements) of the month of Elul? How is it possible to discover these laws and what forces will be revealed among our people if we begin to try connect among us?

What are the laws of nature that are represented by the Selichot (Atonements) of the month of Elul? How is it possible to discover these laws and what forces will be revealed among our people if we begin to try connect among us?

The Selichot indicate the process that we must go through a process of transcending our egoistic nature. This is not a matter of asking for forgiveness from someone. What assures that in the next moment I will behave better?

It is impossible to understand what the Selichot are through looking at the popular practices, but only in the truth that is latent in them. The Israeli customs point to the hidden laws of nature. The customs provide a preparation, until we approach the truth, to the revelation of the concealed laws of nature. There are several layers in nature, laws of nature, they are the inner layer pointed to by the customs of Israel. To discover them, one must become familiar with the general formula of the system of nature we live in.

The law of Selichot says that we must examine our nature well; it is entirely egoistic. These days we can recognize the highest level to which we must climb, the “Speaking level.” On this level all of us are connected in complete harmony. But our present nature is its opposite!

Elul = “Ani Ledodi VeDodi Li” (“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” – Song of Songs 6:3). If I need help to love others, the upper force will come to help me.

That he should ask for forgiveness, is to not take advantage of this opportunity we had to connect. How does the mechanism of this amendment?

We should ask for forgiveness for not taking advantage of the opportunity we had to connect. That for which it is worthwhile to ask forgiveness is not having used the opportunity that we had to connect. How do we activate this mechanism of correction? Kabbalah deals with this method of connection.

Israel has a great obligation toward the world; we must lead everyone toward connection and love. The work of connecting between one another leads to the upper force that is revealed in the connections between us. It is specifically through division and hatred that we can advance toward connection, “…as far as light excelleth darkness” (Ecclesiastes 2:13).
From KabTV’s “New Life 620 – Holidays and Festivals: Selichot,” 9/1/16

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