The Sun Has Lost Its Rhythm

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from NewScientist): “Structures in the sun’s corona indicate that the peak in our star’s latest cycle of activity has been and gone, at least in its northern hemisphere. …The southern hemisphere, meanwhile, is on a sluggish rise to solar maximum and may not hit its peak until 2014.

“This bizarre asymmetry strengthens a theory that has been bubbling among sun watchers for the past few years: our star is headed for hibernation. …

“Such a large asymmetry between hemispheres could be a sign of big changes ahead, says Steven Tobias, a mathematician at the University of Leeds, UK, who models what drives the sun’s magnetic field. According to his models, such a situation precedes an extended quiet phase called a grand minimum. ‘Changes in symmetry are more indicative of going into a grand minimum than the strength of the cycle,’ he says.

“Grand minima can last for decades. The previous one took place between 1645 and 1715, and has been linked to the little ice age in Europe.”
My Comment: The program of the Creator must be carried out in the near future, and an ice age doesn’t threaten us; it will be “hot due to interesting events.”

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