Climate Change Led To The General Crisis Of The 17th Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences): “Results show that cooling from A.D. 1560–1660 caused successive agro-ecological, socioeconomic, and demographic catastrophes, leading to the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century. We identified a set of causal linkages between climate change and human crisis. Using temperature data and climate-driven economic variables, we simulated the alternation of defined “golden” and “dark” ages in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere during the past millennium. Our findings indicate that climate change was the ultimate cause, and climate-driven economic downturn was the direct cause, of large-scale human crises in preindustrial Europe and the Northern Hemisphere.”

My Comment: We forget about it in the light of the economic crisis, but the irreversible climate change that threatens our existence has been taking place for a long time already. It is irreversible because we can no longer reduce it using ordinary methods. However, if we transform our nature, climatic conditions will change for the better, towards balance.

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  2. The quoted paper is about the past! Not about our future. If you read it completely you will see, that the authors are very well aware of your concern. It is about the causation of General crisis in 17th century! But: if we understand triggers of the past, we might be better prepared in the future – well, if the human being would be clever enough 😉

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