After The Protests: The Advertising World Is Back To Basics

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “An examination of the advertising pie for September 2011 shows that it is very different from the one of September 2010 in its scope, internal mix, and contents.

“Luxuries—out, basic necessities—in. Consumption for the sake of consumption—out, carefully planned shopping—in. Mega-market—out, grocery store—in. Power, size, transportation—all out. Large-scale measurements were replaced by modest ratios. It is too soon to say whether it is profound change or just a trend.

“A long term anti-consumerist behavior can lead to a real recession.”

My Comment: We shouldn’t worry about the slowdown of production and trade, and we shouldn’t calm ourselves by saying that the slowdown won’t happen. Everything will gradually decrease until it comes to the level of the basic necessities and not more than that. Otherwise we won’t be able to reach balance with the surrounding nature, and this imbalance will be felt as crises, suffering, and wars.

We will receive everything beyond the bare necessities from the new realm of our relationships, from mutual guarantee, which will open up the upper world for us—a sensation of being filled with eternity and perfection.

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