Are We Moving Towards Climate Catastrophe?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, French historian, professor at College de France, from Le Monde): “In different parts of our planet, the global warming will be accompanied by wars, revolutions, and social unrest. Its signs include:

1. Global temperature in the 21st century has increased more than one degree Celsius;
2. Oceans have been warming up for the past fifty years;
3. All glaciers around the world have been melting;
4. Sea level in the 20th century was rising 1-2 millimeters a year;
5. Animals and birds have been migrating north;
6. The ground is warming up deep down, melting the permafrost.

“Just like during the Little Ice Age in the 17th century (1640s), our current period of warming will cause weather catastrophes, migrations, and civil and international wars. The weather aggression plays the part of the main destabilizing factor of religious, political, military, protest, agrarian, and other nature.”

My Comment: Just like a rocket moves towards its target, constantly deviating from the direct flight trajectory and returning to it so as to sense its position, the governance of our universe, like any other surveillance system, has the same macro and micro processes. They reflect on us, correcting the direction of our development from “right” and “left”—towards balance with nature (adhesion with the Creator).

We can eliminate all the unpleasant influences (the path of suffering) in our necessary (forced) development if we actively participate in correcting the course of our development, that is, direct ourselves towards similarity with the Creator: the quality of bestowal and love.

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  1. Behold, the light between us, above and below, both physical and spiritual, is our salvation. Turn up ones eyes and see the future, and the past in the sky above. An ocean of light flows over us, abundance without end both corporeally and spiritually, if we would but give up on hatred, and the desire to see ones lower than us. Let us blunt our teeth and be cainites no more.

    But the con of man says, “but we did not come here to be with you, we are with HIM, our bloodlust is our purpose, domination and death the proof your god is false, why should we listen when we own the world, and hold it by it’s throat, for our evil gives us everything we ever dreamed”

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