The Disconnected World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Pankaj Ghemawat, economist, strategist, Professor of Global Strategy at the IESE Business School, Barcelona): “DHL released the first DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI), a comprehensive study of geo-political trade data. The study indicates that economic globalization is still not as deep as perceived and the potential for continued economic integration could represent global gross domestic product gains of five percent to 10 percent per year. GCI ranks 125 countries according to the depth and breadth of integration into the world economy and examines the connections between global connectedness and welfare. The study documents that global connectedness has enormous room to expand, even among the most ‘connected’ countries.

“’Our research shows that global economic integration is not as deep as perceived. Therefore, we see untapped potential for growth for each country and globally. Increasing global connectedness is likely to spur further growth by adding trillions of dollars to the economic turnover,’ added Ghemawat.

“’The positive impact of global connectedness on world prosperity will continue to be of great importance. The misgivings some political leaders have about increasing global trade are unfounded; its benefits far outweigh any potential downside,’ said Ghemawat.”

My Comment: It is true! It’s not only that nature around us and inside us, the external and internal connection of all objects, is manifested more and more, but as the study above shows, a human being becomes more individualistic, more distanced from others because his egoism grows. People in one room, spouses in one apartment, children with parents, and so on cannot get along.

So, it needs to be emphasized what globalization we are talking about: For the time being, the world has become like this, but not us.

Lately, an inner connection between people manifests more and more. But it is in conflict with growing alienation because of increasing personal egoism. Accordingly, group egoism (national, family) manifests less.

This growing difference between the inner and external relations causes the crisis (education, family, personal, social, and finally financial), which is the discrepancy between the two systems:

  • Inner, increasing connection of humanity as one whole, which grows according to the program of nature, leading us towards an integral society and complete interdependence, as the external nature itself;
  • Our growing egoistic alienation from each other.

Hence, the solution to the crisis is to bring humanity as a whole to the realization of its total connection and readiness for this connection. As soon as we begin to get closer, we will discover the beneficial influence of nature on us because we will begin to become in compliance with the law of our similarity to it.

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  1. The real beauty of life’s purpose is it appeals to both good an evil. Some want one world so that they may be god, some want one world sothat we may be god together.

    Caution now, for ignorance is evil, and like a disease the lower ones can an have poisoned the water. The immune system of our collective organism must detect and confront such parts, but not to destroy as was the old way, but to transmute lead (or stone) into gold (or mithral) Our justice system throws humans away, but truly, they should simply be redeemed, or at least put to use.

  2. You know, It is kind of like an Elastic rubber band isn’t it? You can stretch it only so far or it will snap, but you can not stretch one part of it without stretching any other part, and when you let it go, it snaps back into place and all parts of the snap are felt along the vibration of the entire elastic band.

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