The Mayan Calendar: 2012 Is Not The End Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alfonso Morales, chief archaeologist for the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute at Palenque, a specialist in the Maya world): The sensation about the end of the world in 2012, as predicted by the Mayan calendar, lacks a scientific basis. The Maya adhered to the theory of the cyclical, rather than linear, historical process.

The Mayan civilization did not predict the apocalypses in 2012. The Mayas were predicting a “strictly cyclical phenomenon,” not a planetary catastrophe. In the books “Chilam Balam,” which relate the history of the Maya people, prophecies concerning the end of the first era of humanity are mentioned, and it is from those references that certain scholars have drawn their conclusions about “seven alleged predictions.”

These scholars insist that the Mayas were prophesying a series of natural catastrophes that will cause the complete destruction of the planet and the human species along with it.

The predictions, supposed derived from the “Chilam Balam,” claim that “the world of hate and materialism will end and… humanity will have to choose between disappearing as a sentient species that threatens to destroy the planet or evolving toward harmonious integration with the entire universe.”

My comment: Everyone is waiting for change, but there will be no change to the better if man does not begin to change himself to the similarity with the Creator. All other changes are for the worse because they reveal the discrepancy between us and the Creator and do so only in order to compel people to come to the properties of the Creator.

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  1. like with order to understand the mayan calander one has to study and understand the deeper truth….

    regards karin

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