Europe At A Crossroads, Part 4

laitman_626Question: What means do you propose for Europe to come to unity?

Answer: This means is not within us, but is hidden inside nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to extract this good force and to use it to change ourselves. We don’t need to change anything except ourselves.

I can’t change others. But each one who participates in this work changes himself, and nothing else. He can teach others only how to do the same actions and to change.

Question: What is hidden in nature’s force?

Answer: This is a force of connection and unity, the force of love.

Question: So why couldn’t the Europeans discover this force before; after all, they were also talking about unity and love?

Answer: This force hasn’t been revealed yet in any place in the world because the world only now begins to discover how much it needs it. Until now this force wasn’t needed and everybody thought that we would succeed through developing culture, education, science, and philosophy.

But today we see that everything that exists within a person becomes detrimental to him if he begins to use it. If we want to achieve a good, peaceful life, without wars, problems, and troubles, we should adopt the method of Kabbalah that explains how humanity can continue its development in a good way.

Kabbalah teaches us how to extract this force from nature and reveal this force that will unite us. To do this we need to examine ourselves, our nature, the nature of the world, and the force hidden in nature. Previously, we were developing only by the evil egoistic force, but today we can add the good force to it.

Question: Will this force perform a miracle and turn a person from an egoist to an altruist?

Answer: Actually, this force will lead a person to a balance. There will be the old force and the new force present in him, a minus and a plus. Thus, a person will be under control of two forces. Then he will really know how to realize the goals assigned to him.

Question: Does it mean that there is a hidden force in nature that you are advising us to extract?

Answer: This force isn’t so hidden; it operates in nature. We know that in nature there are positive and negative forces in each atom. Only within a person there is the negative force alone, and the positive force isn’t revealed. However, in fact, we know that it exists. We just need to reveal it.

Question: Why haven’t we revealed it so far?

Answer: Because nobody required it. But today we are ready to reveal this force; therefore, the method that allows us to awaken the positive force of nature and to balance the negative force is revealed. This method of Kabbalah was always lived within the people of Israel.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah have some unknown patent for revealing the positive force within a person?

Answer: Of course! Kabbalah explains how to connect, how to study, and where and how to search for this good force. It is because the people of Israel who have this method don’t reveal it that the nations of the world subconsciously hate them. After all, we have the method to unite that everybody badly needs, but we don’t pass it through ourselves to others.

The era of European civilization in its present, egoistic form is coming to an end, and a new era is beginning where we will have to implement the method of Kabbalah and to bring the Light to the world. The new stage begins with a person’s awareness of the need to change himself. People will open their eyes and will begin to understand from where it is really possible to get a force for changing their life for the better.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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