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The Pleasure Of The Creator

laitman_276_01Question: When a person feels the Creator, is he giving pleasure to the Creator?

Answer: Without a doubt, otherwise he would not feel the Creator. The feeling happens to the degree that a person resembles the Creator and this is specifically what gives the Creator pleasure.

Question: How can I use what I want for the sake of the Creator?

Answer: If a person doesn’t know what he wants for the sake of the Creator, this is a sign that he didn’t want it for the sake of the Creator but wants a reward. My advice would be to work on unification with people in a group.

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The Criterion For Work In The Spiritual World

laitman_232_06Question: Money is the universal criterion for work in our physical world. What is the criterion for work in the spiritual world?

Answer: The term “money” (Kesef) in the spiritual world refers to yearnings or to a Masach (screen), stemming from the same root in Hebrew. The anti-egoistic Masach that a person acquires and by which he begins to feel the upper world above him is the criterion for a person’s work in the spiritual world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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“Go Make A Living Off Each Other”

laitman_933Question: What is meant by the expression, “Go make a living off each other?”

Answer: It means that you should connect and thus earn the upper world.

It is actually when we connect with one another into one whole that we can draw the upper Light which was not between us before.

Suddenly, the upper abundance descends upon us when we unite. A great illumination, a brightness, a sense of elation, an understanding, a feeling spreads among us. This is called “Go make a living off each other” because when we connect, we actually earn what cannot be earned any other way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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New Life #375 – Spiritual Nourishment

New Life #375 – Spiritual Nourishment
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What kind of additional hunger is awakened in us when we sit for a meal together, what is a spiritual meal and nourishment, and how is it possible to host this well so that we will feel connected around the table?


A family meal is the place for connection between members of the family.

In preparing meals we concentrate on recipes. It is worthwhile to add instructions for connection during a meal. Spices add substances to our bodies that a body requires.

If we connect during a meal, we feed each other with spiritual food. Basically, what we eat is not important.

A meal creates a connection, mutual fulfillment of human tastes. It is important to listen to, to understand and to communicate with each other. Create an atmosphere of connection and love. It is necessary to plan how to make everyone happy, how to make a connection, warmth, and an atmosphere of satisfaction. Then besides tasting the food, we taste the spirit between us. This is what will satisfy our souls.

The host must give the guests a sensation that he is not the landowner, that this place is theirs, that he has immense pleasure from their having come to him, that he is here only to serve them, that he has been thinking about them. But also he must pay attention not to make them feel ashamed. How? Dress as a guest and check how he feels.
From KabTV’s “New Life #375 –  Spiritual Nourishment,” 5/18/14

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