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“Europe Wandering Into The Abyss”

laitman_272In the News ( “Europe and the European Union are in crisis, which can lead to very serious consequences, and cannot continue to do everything as if nothing is happening, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“‘It would be a tragic mistake to continue to do everything as if nothing is happening. Europe is going through a deep crisis; it is like a sleepwalker wandering into the abyss. It is time to sound an alarm,’ – his words are transmitted by TASS.

“In an interview, Tsipras has paid particular attention to the problems of the financial and economic stability of the European Union.

“‘I am a realist, and I understand that under the current alignment of forces it is impossible to talk about the abolition of the European Stability and Growth Pact. However, I believe that it would be quite possible to make some exceptions to the rules, in particular, to scale up to support economic growth and measures to intensify the fight against unemployment. The current rules do not work, and this is indicated by the fact that in the EU there are now 22 million unemployed, and the economic growth of the community – is very weak,’ he stressed. …

“If we do not give priority to solving the problems of unemployment, then Europe would threaten a real collapse – new referendums in which the population will demand exit from the EU. Also, the governments of the EU countries opposed to the EU will continue to appear, ‘ warned Tsipras.

“‘The lack of action in the social sphere in the EU leads to the fact that small marginal politicians, racists, are in the power position and determine where to move Europe,’ he said.

“… shortly after Brexit, billionaire George Soros, predicted ‘the inevitable disintegration’ of the European Union and the United Kingdom. ‘Now the catastrophic scenario, which many feared was realized by making the disintegration of the community almost inevitable’ – Soros wrote.”

My Comment: The collapse will lead to global shocks. The solution—is only in the realization of bringing people together. We need to understand the cause of the crisis: the growing mismatch of the contradictory selfish human community (creation) and a single integrated global altruistic nature (the Creator).

The solution is to correct our nature by attracting the highly positive force that can counterbalance the negative egoistic strength of each and all of us together.

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“You Have Been Rebelling…”

laitman_531_02-jpgTorah, Deuteronomy 9:24: You have been rebelling against the Lord since the day I became acquainted with you.

Question: What is the meaning of the phrase, “since the day I became acquainted with you?”

Answer: It is from the day Moses was called upon to lead his people.

It was still the gift from the Creator! Absolute egoism was breaking out from every point possible in the sons of Israel. So, it was necessary to settle, compare, and constantly make changes in their attitudes toward each other, so they agreed to come out of Egypt.

Moreover, they must be aware of the future state they are going to. This isn’t a physical exit from Egypt to Sinai, but an exit from their egoism, separation from it, rising above it.

This is how the rebelling was expressed. Egoism allowed itself complete freedom of action.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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The Prohibition To Look At Women

laitman_566_01Question: Why is there a prohibition to look at women?

Answer: It is prohibited to look at women, except for your own wife. It is a spiritual prohibition, while in our corporeal world, everything takes place on the animate level. A man feels pleasure when he looks at women, while a woman doesn’t feel any pleasure from looking at men.

A woman can feel pleasure when she sees men that behave properly and the degree to which they can ascend, correct, and perform actions in the spiritual sense. A man, on the other hand, enjoys looking at a woman’s body.

Question: What’s wrong with that?

Answer: A man engages in that on the animate level, not on the spiritual level, and it distracts him from the goal. There is nothing other than that in this prohibition.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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A Reasonable Balance

laitman_565_01Question: Is spiritual correction tested through poverty or wealth?

Answer: There is no test here! A person must live his life in a balanced way and provide everything for himself reasonably, I would even say minimally, so that everything will be simple.  The rest is invested in spiritual development. In this way a person profits in this world without wasting his energy on anything superfluous, and at the same time he gains the spiritual world.

Question: Suppose a person wants to be involved in spiritual development, in the wisdom of Kabbalah, but has no means, he is constantly engaged in earning money. How should one relate to a situation like this?

Answer: It cannot be that someone would need to be working to make money absolutely all the time if we are talking about a person’s normal, minimum, and reasonable needs.  Suppose he did begin to study Kabbalah, see how all of a sudden he would be able to balance his studies with the income that he has.

Question: There are people who want to be involved only with spirituality because the entire physical world simply repels them. They have no motivation to work, earn money, to play sports, or perform household duties.

Answer: This is natural! So I advise not neglecting work. Rabash insisted that a person work and earn. Even if he has no need for money, he should still work a particular number of hours per day.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 139

laitman_628_2Question: Can a person develop spiritually if he hasn’t heard anything about the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, true spiritual development involves equivalence of properties with the Creator, and the method for this is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: How can people who have changed their sex study the wisdom of Kabbalah; will they be corrected in their new sex or not?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is involved with the egoistic desire of a person and only the Upper Light, the Light that Reforms can influence it.

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New Life #757 – Terminology Of Love

New Life #757 – Terminology Of Love
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


The Torah tells us about the internal forces that are revealed in a person who corrects himself. Men represent the ability to draw that Light that Reforms, the force that corrects the ego into the attribute of love and bestowal.The connection between a man and a woman represents a corrected system, which means a desire to receive over which an intention to bestow has been applied. Spiritual partnership is a system in which the two forces of nature are connected, the force that receives and the force that gives.

Heroism is the ability to overcome yourself, the ego, and instead of drawing for yourself moving to love everyone. Love is the strongest egoistic desire imprinted in us resulting from the upper spiritual root. Love in our world is self-love, while in the spiritual world it is the exact opposite, love of others, love thy friend as thyself.

The term “I am love sick” refers to the great desire to fill others that is impossible to implement yet. The wisdom of Kabbalah enables us to draw the Light that Reforms that develops the desire to love and the ability to reach unconditional love.

When a person who loves others does not need to receive anything in return from the loved one since the love is whole in the two inclinations—the good and the evil—so that our whole ego works for the benefit of others. All this takes place in a group of Kabbalists who establish a connection that draws the Light that Reforms and builds the attribute of love and bestowal.

The formula for that is “love will cover all our transgressions”; the ego and the hatred grow, and above them we build love between us. A person’s soul is built of two layers, infinite hatred and above it infinite love; our evolutionary process actually leads us to hatred in order to force us to learn to love.
From KabTV’s “New Life #757 – Terminology Of Love,” 8/9/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.23.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Shamati #99, “He Did Not Say Wicked or Righteous”

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Writings of Rabash, Dargot HaSulam,” Article 882

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 12 

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