Brexit—the Possibility of a New World Order

 Although it is presented as London’s retirement from European integration and supranational democracy, Brexit is actually the beginning of the collapse of the old world and rejection of the old egoistic relationships built on the elite’s aspiration to rule over their people. The fact is that apart from the dictates of the politicians and the bankers over the people in this union, there was nothing more.

I am all for unity, but just as long as it is subject to the laws of nature and society. Otherwise unification will only expose our contradictions and lead to conflicts and wars.

Look how China refers to any kind of union as nothing more than the development of trade relations. Actually, the EU was exactly that. Obviously, its architects thought that communication would bring peoples together naturally, but we have not seen it, not in Europe, not ever!

Now I hear them groaning over the old Europe with its shared values and goals. But who saw them under the German dictates, market force, and austerity measures, even in the pursuit of greater integration? Moreover, the entire EU depends on what kind of leader comes to power in each EU country! How can you build integration on such a shaky basis?

In my view, Brexit can be the impetus for a new attitude to the construction of our future world: unity on the basis of shared values, the true ones, meaning taken from humankind’s nature.

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