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Ordinary Egoism

laitman_275Question: How can you increase egoism if it is on level zero?

Answer: Today, there cannot be egoism on the zero level. A person has a normal ordinary ego. When we begin to correct it we will see that there are such great deep layers in it that we will not know how to escape it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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How Can You Affect Your Fate?

Laitman_198Question: Is there such a thing as fate? If so, how can I affect it?

Answer: Everyone has their own fate. We can affect our fate and change it if we begin to actively induce the revelation of the Upper Light through the connection with the friends in the group.

Once you recover the  correct mutual connection between yourself and your friends that resembles, at least to some degree, the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself, the upper force immediately begins to operate and to affect us according to our efforts and thus we begin to change our fate.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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How Can We Neutralize A Negative Attitude?

laitman_564Question: Why does the Creator send us connections with a negative environment?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are indeed in a very negative environment in this world.

We must study the wisdom of Kabbalah, try to study it, even virtually, and then we will see to what degree we can neutralize all of the negative attitudes toward us because we will begin to influence the upper force directly.

Question: How can we be protected from people’s curses, from the influence of a foreign ego, from the evil eye?

Answer: It is only through the good deeds we perform. Nothing else can help. Let’s neutralize the harmful effects through positive actions.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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The Jerusalem Post: “Britain Did Itself, And The World, A Big Favor”

The largest news source for English speaking Jews The Jerusalem Post recently published my article “Britain did itself, and the world, a big favor.”



Read the complete article.

Dispelling Myths About Kabbalah, Part 10

laitman_214Mysticism Or Science?

Question: It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince me that Kabbalah is a science, it still seems like mysticism to me. I don’t understand what makes it a science?

Answer: We explore our world through the five physical senses given to us from birth. This is the basis of science and all our knowledge about this world.

But there is another reality that we are beginning to reveal only recently with the help of modern physics. We discover that some kind of reality exists beyond our abilities to comprehend that is apparently an upper world or an upper dimension.

It implies an existence above time, motion, and space above all earthly limitations and beyond our universe. We can’t sense this reality because we are not set up for it; we don’t have suitable sensory organs.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is called so because it teaches how to receive (“Kabbalah” means “reception”). First of all, it builds new organs of perception in us. They differ from the common sensory organs because they sense matter outside themselves and not inside.

The five ways to perceive our world in physical sensory organs are called vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. And perception of the upper world that is higher than the usual physical one happens in five qualities called Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

Once we form these new qualities within ourselves through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we begin to feel a new world that we call an upper world. We begin to live in it to the extent that we feel it. So much so that even if our body dies in this world and we stop seeing and feeling our world through it, we are left to live in the upper world that we learned to feel during the life in our body.

And if we didn’t manage to reach the upper world, then we are born again in this world in an animal body and we receive an opportunity to reveal the upper world during our life in order to stay in it for the eternal life.
Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/28/16

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Difficult Path To The Goal

Laitman_514_04Question: What does the prohibition to not worship or serve idols mean for the average person?

Answer: Not to worship idols means not to perceive our current existence as the true state.

The Torah doesn’t refer to ordinary people, but to the person who wants to attain the Creator and reveal the world.

Question: The Torah was written long ago, several thousand years ago, but it talks about things that humanity underwent and continues to go through. It is written, “And lest you lift up your eyes to heaven, and see the sun, and the moon, and the stars, all the host of heaven, which the Lord your God assigned to all peoples under the entire heaven, and be drawn away to prostrate yourselves before them and worship them.” It is as if the Torah is appealing, “Stop praying to idols finally!”

Answer: The thing is that there are no forces in nature other than the one force that controls absolutely everything. There is no good and evil, no various opposite qualities and influences. All of it is just a manifestation of one force, one thought, one intention, and one goal.

If I step aside, even a millimeter, from the goal, assuming that I myself think, that i wish, then it is called a sin.

A person must create an environment for himself that will hold him in the direction toward the oneness of the Creator. If he observes this rule, he never will make mistakes in life and will move forward correctly. The Creator develops him by constantly sending him various doubts and showing him that, allegedly, there exist sources of influence other than Him.

A person, despite all apparent disturbances and images, must determine the Creator behind them all and remember that there is only one force, one intention, and one goal that drives him.

If a person studies Kabbalah and is in a correct group that always supports him in this approach to reality, then there is no problem. He gradually finds out exactly what is happening around him.

At the same time, he is washed by the broader society that keeps rinsing him, pouring buckets of dirt on him. How else is it possible to shake a person? He tunes himself to infinite love for the Creator as the source of everything that happens to him, annulling his egoism, the barrier that separates him from the Creator.

Question: Do you think that buckets of dirt help a person cut himself off from his “I?”

Answer: You see in it a great salvation because, otherwise, you would not be able to tear yourself away from the common masses and your egoism.

How else does one break away from egoism? It is only when everyone around you begins to blame and reprove you. This is exactly the way that the upper force influences a person. The Creator prepares the basis for His further revelation in advance. Without this, it is impossible to draw closer to Him.

On the contrary, I must wish to be washed. In the same way that we clean a fish before we cook it, both inside and out, this is the way I want to be treated.

If a person understands the ultimate goal lies in this, then he agrees to everything and thanks the Creator for the test because, for him, this is not an evil, but a redemption.

Question: But can you imagine what would happen if the entire world with its understanding of the truth suddenly began to reveal something!

Answer: Therefore, we must raise our technique, and along with what is revealed, explain to people what it means to move toward the goal.

The Creator does nothing in vain. I and thousands of our students all around the world must accept all of these conditions that we are given from above. Let’s say that we will be humiliated, insulted, and slandered.

So what? I am not interested in this. I am interested in only one thing: whether we are connected with each other, whether we are going further with the conditions that the Creator gave us, and whether we perceive evil as an absolute good.

A person must bless for the evil as well as for the good because evil is just a manifestation of the egoism that he needs to correct. During the rise to the next degree egoism will be revealed more and more, and there’s nothing you can do about it, but you must rise to the next degree through using this egoism! The difference between the degrees is the next threshold of the level of egoism that we need to overcome.

Can you imagine how much strength we need to receive from the Creator in order to be connected between ourselves and climb to the goal despite everything?

Imagine what a joy it is when you are given such “fires of the Inquisition,” and at the same time the opportunity to rise above them!

A person is not given obstacles greater than what he can overcome. We finally have reached these obstacles, and we will have them now! We learn that spiritual ascent is only above the manifestations of egoism. First, we are given a period of time when we study, unite, and learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. But once we are ready, we immediately are given a serious problem.

Question: So, if a serious problem arises, does it mean that we are beginning to explore the next degree?

Answer: Of course, undoubtedly, and we don’t have a right to fall. We must master it because all of humanity is behind us, and we are responsible for them. There can be no retreat. This is the game the Creator is playing with us!

Moreover, in our time, this is the fate of the entire universe, of all of the worlds, of all of the souls who brought us the wisdom of Kabbalah, and now we are responsible for raising the souls of all of humanity above all of the great Kabbalists.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/17/16

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Planet Earth, A Single Living Body

Laitman_712_03In the News ( “In science, to enlighten humanity, there are only three questions: How did the universe come to existence, how did life begin, and how to animals learn to think? …

“Many processes can be explained with the help of such a thing as ‘self-organizing active media.’ …

“In other words, the mechanisms of self-organization in the physical and chemical, biological, ecological and social systems can be treated with common positions. Having an idea of the self-organization of active media, you can create models that describe such seemingly disparate processes as working laser coagulation, chemical reactions, the heartbeat, or the appearance of annual rings of a tree. …

“The active medium of self-organization follows the same principles, regardless of size. …

“Self-organization – is the basis of all life on earth. It is important to bear in mind that this is determined by the self-organization of primarily physical laws – even in biology, but people are used to interpret biology through chemical compounds. …

“You can often hear the expression ‘the organism is in balance with the environment.’ Physicist interpret this phrase clearly: ‘the organism is dead.’ We are essentially in non-equilibrium and far from thermodynamic equilibrium, and even if we talk about our relationship with the environment, then we are in thermodynamic, energetic and material balance. It can be a stationary or non-stationary relationship, but not equilibrium. Equilibrium can only be in the grave.

“The very essence of life – is a difference of chemical interaction and electrical potentials, concentrations and so forth. Only in the case of inequality and imbalance can there be a chemical process. From the viewpoint of biophysics, the energy of life – is a parabola. At the lowest point, life dies, in a sense; it’s not there. Self-organizing processes begin in an active environment when balance ends and the system is removed from it.

“If we take the two systems with the same electrical potential – no matter how big it is – then there is no movement of charges can not be. Asymmetry is needed. This – the main condition for the beginning of the process. Chemical processes are driven by physics.This built the modern systems of biology and biophysics. And now, one of the most promising areas – the science, which, on the one hand, includes biophysics, and on the other – Synergetics.

“Synergetics, or the theory of complex systems, is an interdisciplinary field of science that studies the general laws of phenomena and processes in complex nonequilibrium systems (physical, chemical, biological, environmental, social and others) based on the inherent principles of self-organization. Synergetics is an interdisciplinary approach, as the principles that govern the processes of self-organization, are represented by the same, regardless of the nature of the systems, and their descriptions must be suitable general mathematical formalism.

“The famous French physicist, Nobel laureate Pierre Curie said that nature is driven by symmetry breaking, movement itself is essentially a distortion of symmetry, because symmetry – is a static state.

“Keep in mind that nature is often not subject to the fact that physics is traditionally called ‘the law.’ For example, Hooke’s law – the claim that the deformation that occurs in an elastic body is directly proportional to the force applied to it, this law does not apply to large deformations… . So, not every law of physics is a law of nature. It is necessary to understand the proportional linear dependencies. Here it becomes clear that far from equilibrium can undergo smooth sections and can enter the so-called bifurcation point – that is, split.”

“Very often, (especially politicians) say that development should follow the path of evolution, not revolution. But evolution, including biological, after a smooth development is the bifurcation, and predicting what will be, after passing the point of bifurcation, is very difficult.”

My Comment: Kabbalah speaks about a single source, a single nature and development of everything that exists on the basis of four phases of HaVaYaH. Development happens under the influence of the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light). The basis and foundation of creation is desire. Its developmental law is the attainment of resemblance and equivalence to its origin, the Creator.

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New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah

New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What will happen to me tomorrow? How will I take care of myself and my loved ones? What does the future hold? For such serious and disturbing questions…the answer exists.

From the need to know the future and control our lives, we have developed many ways to interpret the signs around us. Curious eyes have turned upward to the stars whose trajectories can be anticipated thousands of years in advance, and from them, human beings have learned about possible times and events in life.

It is not surprising that there are such ways for predicting the future, because our world and the entire universe is one closed system in which all the levels of existence—still, vegetative, animate, and human—are connected according to permanent and complete laws, yet we still don’t know what we can expect the next minute, because astrology and similar methods make it possible, at best, to read some of the signs, but do not grant a person the ability to influence his fate and change it.

The Method of Connection

One method does make it possible to influence fate: the wisdom of Kabbalah. Most of us think that life is a matter of luck—I am lucky or I am unlucky. According to Kabbalah, “luck(Mazel) is derived from the word, “Nozel” (fluid). The Zodiac consists of forces that descend and “drip” on us, activating all the phenomena and events, present and future together, that we call life. These forces reach us in drops, there are breaks or intervals between them and they arrange each and every moment for us.

The signs of the Zodiac are not accidental, as it may seem to us; rather, they are orderly and move in a single predetermined direction. It is possible to imagine this as a car we are traveling together in that has a single predetermined final destination, a preset destiny. The forces that work on us to bring us there are called luck. If we prepare ourselves for that goal from the start, every time a “sign” reaches us, we have already adapted ourselves to it and the direction it is advancing us, so we accept it as “good luck.” And vice versa, if we have not accommodated ourselves to it, without a choice we are pushed forward through difficulties and problems, and we accept this as “bad luck” and suffering.

Separately and together we can equip ourselves with the knowledge of which way to turn ourselves, what every detail in our lives wants to teach us, and how to relate correctly to society and the environment. At each and every moment something pushes us, either as a hindrance or help, and we can gather all these forces together and build a map of our lives from them.

Kabbalah speaks about the goal of life that all of us are advancing toward either through desire and understanding or through suffering and confusion. It teaches us how to direct ourselves so that every sign that reaches us will be felt as good and a blessing. Moreover, it teaches us how to summon these signs and attract them even more forcefully, embracing the force that comes and enhancing its action. This is how we shorten our path and reach the predetermined goal more rapidly, in a nice, good, and pleasant way.
From KabTV’s “New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah,” 1/8/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 07.04.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “Concerning Bestowal”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 1, Part 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”

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