The Jerusalem Post: “Britain Did Itself, And The World, A Big Favor”

The largest news source for English speaking Jews The Jerusalem Post recently published my article “Britain did itself, and the world, a big favor.”



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  1. So, this was a very interesting series of thought. I was driven to look hard at the relationship between my wife and I. We are married in a union of one. We bicker, fight and argue, sometimes incessantly.

    If we crave independence so much, why do we marry? Truth is, we feel incomplete. Therefore, only the act of bebstowal will cause harmony to be the end result.

    May I query the idea of Canada, United States and Mexico removing the borders but remaining sovereign nations? As Rav Laitmain said “We must see one another as complementing members of the human race.” Do we need a “WALL!” as Donald Trump said or is there a better answer?

    Only when we understand that the differences between us were an act of the creator will we see that our problems are very beneficial to the long term relationship between the humans around the world. As we perfect through the deliberate acts of bestowal, the world consciousness will change and maybe prevent self-mass-annihilation of all life on our small planet.


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