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Desire That Revives A Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does a spiritual record of the path we passed remain in us?

Answer: We retain absolutely all spiritual information of everything we passed through during history. Now, we must gradually summon its manifestation in us and implement it.

Therefore, the dissemination of Kabbalistic knowledge should be directed first toward those who feel directly concerned about it.

Question: Do you think of the ten lost tribes whose location is unknown at this point?

Answer: No, this is none of my business. My job is to deal with those who wish to go forward. Gradually, we scatter the seeds of knowledge to all those who have a desire to learn about the spiritual world, to achieve the purpose of his life, to “enter the land of Israel,” and to realize it now in this life.

Question: Is it possible to say that your non-Jewish students somehow relate to the lost tribes?

Answer: At the moment, it doesn’t matter. After all, if a person has the desire, then he is ready to attain the spiritual world.

People from all around the world come to our congresses, they spend money and time just to be with us for a few days. How strong and high this desire is! We must respect, love, and worship them, not the external shell, but the desire toward the Creator that He revives in them.

Question: When you say that you love a person, does it mean that you love just this point in him?

Answer: Just this! Nothing else! All of the rest is an animal that lives today and dies tomorrow.

Question: Do you have a prayer that this desire will continue to live in a person, that he would manage to hold onto it with his teeth?

Answer: I keep a constant prayer for all the students as much as is possible from my side. The rest depends on them. Freedom of choice is given to each one, and each one must realize it. We hope that it will happen with all in the world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/17/16

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Those Who Don’t Work Are Those Who Eat

laitman_600_02In the News (Russian Bazaar): “The technological revolution and the popularity of electronic devices has led to a sharp drop in the labor productivity of Americans. People have begun to move more slowly, and the sense of responsibility and discipline has declined significantly. That is the conclusion reached by experts at CareerBuilder Resource as a result of a large-scale survey of employers. Today, one in five managers believes that his subordinates engaged in professional duties less than 5 hours within a standard 8-hour day.

“Smartphones have demolished a variety of businesses – from small car washes in the provinces of the country to financial companies in the skyscrapers of big cities. Employers complain that their subordinates pick up their smartphones every 15 – 20 minutes. Prohibiting the use of phones during business hours, does no good. People are offended or they easily dismiss the rule or they make discrimination claims to the authorities. …

“The productivity slowdown was influenced not only by high-tech, but also the crazy protection of subordinates from their employers, carried out by the Democratic Party. Strengthening of trade unions, raising the minimum wage, the right to sue the management for any trivial matter, as well as the possibility not to work but to live at the expense of the state – all this led to the discredit of work as such. …

“A number of California researchers said that if the US returned to the level of productivity of a century ago (after World War I), it would be enough that the current employees worked 3 – 4 hours a day. …

“According to 48% of employers, the productivity slowdown is reflected most of all in the quality of work. Even if a person does very little, even this minimum is of very low quality.

“The less a person does, the greater is his contempt for higher management.

“The vast majority of small business owners in the United States stated the main criterion for the selection of potential employees are honesty, responsibility and discipline. Surprisingly, even a quarter of a century ago, the overall leading factor in the selection of workers was their education and work experience.”

My Comment: The reason for the growing laziness is the developing egoism. The motivation to work will be renewed only in a collective that will have a sublime goal, as Baal HaSulam writes in his book “The Last Generation.”

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New Desires Of A New Generation

laitman_933Torah” “Deuteronomy,” 4:20: But the Lord took you and brought you out of the iron crucible, out of Egypt, to be a people of His possession, as of this day.

At first Moses leaves Egypt alone and later returns for the people. However he is afraid of the Pharaoh; he is really shaking in front of him!

And the Creator tells him, “Come to the Pharaoh, for I hardened his heart.” Meaning the game is now straightforward and with an open hand, “Don’t be afraid, come! I prepared the Pharaoh to ‘devour’ you, but I am with you!”

Although Moses is afraid of the Pharaoh, he understands that the people are behind him. Therefore he doesn’t ask for his release but says, “Let my people go!”

Question: Why does Moses, after he led the people out of Egypt, tell them again what they went through and what lies ahead?

Answer: Because the previous generation was replaced by a new one, and he has to repeat everything to the new generation that was born in the desert. Repetition is an implementation of the spiritual method on the next degree, at the entrance to the land of Israel.

Question: But the new generation didn’t go through the same things as the old one did?

Answer: The new generation is the same as the previous one, but all the egoistic desires they carried out of Egypt died in them and were replaced by desires of the desert “to be in the quality of bestowal.” And now they are entering the quality of love, reclaiming the land of Israel.

They don’t need to go through the same states again. They just need to know what they went through and what they have in them. Moses reveals in them all the qualities that they need in the battle for the conquest and exploitation of their desires so that they are not just neutral, but work for the quality of bestowal. Then they will be called “Yashar Kel” – “straight to the Creator.”

Only Moses can do it, Joshua can’t. Joshua will manage the process itself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/17/16

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New Life 488 – Hope Heals

New Life 488 – Hope Heals
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Abraham drew a clear boundary between truth, nature, and the human mind that explores our ability to advance to the human level, which differentiates man from an animal, and on the other hand, different mysticisms and beliefs that aren’t even a religion where everything is strictly organized, but are different dark superstitions.

There is the wisdom of Kabbalah revealed by Abraham that teaches a person about the Creator and there is religion in which a person operates in rigid frameworks according to precise rules.

Religion is a social framework that thoroughly binds a person and doesn’t allow him to act according to his heart’s desires. It is a certain kind of pressure with a promise of a reward or a punishment in this world and in the next world: heaven or hell.

But there is a gray area between these two major streams: the wisdom of Kabbalah (the wisdom of the upper force) and religion. It is created because people are not satisfied with the simple religious frameworks anymore and are trying to find out something about themselves: What will my future be? What will happen to me? How can I succeed in life and keep away from trouble?

They have practical questions. They don’t ask about the next world that religion promises them, but about our daily life. They care about succeeding in life and are looking for the means to achieve that: blessings, lucky charms to protect them and their children, simple symbols that give them a sense of security and hope for the future.

Indeed, a person who buys a lucky charm, ties a red string around his wrist, or wears a symbolic trinket hopes for better circumstances, which gives him strength and psychological support. People are ready to pay a lot of money in order to feel protected, calm, confident, and happy.

This actually heals. It is common knowledge that self-confidence can help a person by raising the body’s hidden resources that can support and heal him. Therefore, we cannot simply dismiss these methods and say that they don’t work. They do work, but in the rational sense, and there is no mysticism here, although they stem from an irrational source.

This is the reason that there is a grey area between the wisdom of Kabbalah and religion. In England, for example, people have experts purify a new home from all the evil spirits before they move into it. All these superstitions should be taken seriously because they give people confidence.

There are very few people who yearn for the revelation of the Creator and for whom the wisdom of Kabbalah is important. There are many people who belong to a certain religion in one way or another, but every person is somehow connected to this gray area. Everyone believes in some signs and symbols that support and sustain him through life.
From KabTV’s “New Life 488 – Hope Heals,” 1/1/15

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