Planet Earth, A Single Living Body

Laitman_712_03In the News ( “In science, to enlighten humanity, there are only three questions: How did the universe come to existence, how did life begin, and how to animals learn to think? …

“Many processes can be explained with the help of such a thing as ‘self-organizing active media.’ …

“In other words, the mechanisms of self-organization in the physical and chemical, biological, ecological and social systems can be treated with common positions. Having an idea of the self-organization of active media, you can create models that describe such seemingly disparate processes as working laser coagulation, chemical reactions, the heartbeat, or the appearance of annual rings of a tree. …

“The active medium of self-organization follows the same principles, regardless of size. …

“Self-organization – is the basis of all life on earth. It is important to bear in mind that this is determined by the self-organization of primarily physical laws – even in biology, but people are used to interpret biology through chemical compounds. …

“You can often hear the expression ‘the organism is in balance with the environment.’ Physicist interpret this phrase clearly: ‘the organism is dead.’ We are essentially in non-equilibrium and far from thermodynamic equilibrium, and even if we talk about our relationship with the environment, then we are in thermodynamic, energetic and material balance. It can be a stationary or non-stationary relationship, but not equilibrium. Equilibrium can only be in the grave.

“The very essence of life – is a difference of chemical interaction and electrical potentials, concentrations and so forth. Only in the case of inequality and imbalance can there be a chemical process. From the viewpoint of biophysics, the energy of life – is a parabola. At the lowest point, life dies, in a sense; it’s not there. Self-organizing processes begin in an active environment when balance ends and the system is removed from it.

“If we take the two systems with the same electrical potential – no matter how big it is – then there is no movement of charges can not be. Asymmetry is needed. This – the main condition for the beginning of the process. Chemical processes are driven by physics.This built the modern systems of biology and biophysics. And now, one of the most promising areas – the science, which, on the one hand, includes biophysics, and on the other – Synergetics.

“Synergetics, or the theory of complex systems, is an interdisciplinary field of science that studies the general laws of phenomena and processes in complex nonequilibrium systems (physical, chemical, biological, environmental, social and others) based on the inherent principles of self-organization. Synergetics is an interdisciplinary approach, as the principles that govern the processes of self-organization, are represented by the same, regardless of the nature of the systems, and their descriptions must be suitable general mathematical formalism.

“The famous French physicist, Nobel laureate Pierre Curie said that nature is driven by symmetry breaking, movement itself is essentially a distortion of symmetry, because symmetry – is a static state.

“Keep in mind that nature is often not subject to the fact that physics is traditionally called ‘the law.’ For example, Hooke’s law – the claim that the deformation that occurs in an elastic body is directly proportional to the force applied to it, this law does not apply to large deformations… . So, not every law of physics is a law of nature. It is necessary to understand the proportional linear dependencies. Here it becomes clear that far from equilibrium can undergo smooth sections and can enter the so-called bifurcation point – that is, split.”

“Very often, (especially politicians) say that development should follow the path of evolution, not revolution. But evolution, including biological, after a smooth development is the bifurcation, and predicting what will be, after passing the point of bifurcation, is very difficult.”

My Comment: Kabbalah speaks about a single source, a single nature and development of everything that exists on the basis of four phases of HaVaYaH. Development happens under the influence of the Ohr Yashar (Direct Light). The basis and foundation of creation is desire. Its developmental law is the attainment of resemblance and equivalence to its origin, the Creator.

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