When Science Has No Answers The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Does!

laitman_214Int the News (Hi-News.ru): “Why is there something rather than nothing?

“Our appearance in this universe is too strange an event that words cannot express. The vanity of our daily lives makes us take our existence for granted. But whenever we try to deny it and think deeply about what is happening, the question arises: why the universe is all there is and why does it have and is subject to such accurate laws? Why does anything exist? …As for philosophers, they came to this anthropic principle that our particular universe manifests itself in such a way because of our presence in it as observers.”

Answer: The reason for everything that exists is thought; it is primary and gives rise to matter, the desire to fill itself. It gives the desire, matter, its attributes and consequently matter, the desire yearns to resemble the thought, its Creator.

Question: Is our reality real? How do we know that what we see around us is real and not a big illusion that was created by some invisible force? Could it be that we are the product of an intentional simulation, that our civilization is an illusion and that we are not who we believe we are? What should we consider real?

Answer: Everything is manifested in our sensations, in us, and there is no way we can discover what is beyond us. Kabbalah develops within a person the ability to feel what is external to him by faith above reason and thus enables us to answer all these questions.

Question: Do we have freewill? Are our actions managed or do we make our own decisions of our own freewill? Neuroscience shows that the brain makes a decision before we understand it. Quantum mechanics indicates that we exist in a universe of probabilities and any form of determinism is basically impossible.

Answer: There is freedom of will to explore the intended path of development and to advance along this path either by force or consciously. (See the article “The Freedom” by Baal HaSulam).

Question: Does God exist? We cannot know whether God exists or not. We don’t know about the inner workings of the universe in order to make grandiose claims about the nature of reality and about the fact that there is an upper force behind the scenes.

Answer: We have to reveal the Creator. This is the only way to solve this issue! The method for the revelation of the Creator is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Is there life after death? We cannot ask the dead, so we can only guess. Materialists assume that there is no life after death, but it seems impossible to prove this scientifically.

Answer: Our biological life is born, lives, and dies. The eternal element is the desire, which when connected to the biological body has to undergo different phases and grow. The desire grows by drawing the force that created it, the Creator. We were given life in order to reveal the upper state, in order to attain the Creator’s level in this life.

Question: Can we perceive anything objectively? We can observe the environment only through the filter of our senses, thoughts, and minds. Everything that we feel has gone through a multi-layer filter of physiological and cognitive processes. Our world view is subjective. The only way to check this is by somehow seeing the world through another person’s consciousness. We can observe the universe only through our mind and interpret it only subjectively.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah develops senses in us that are external to our body, through which we discover the true reality, the upper world and the reason for it, the Creator. Our efforts in uniting the group spur and summon the correcting Light, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), and it develops a sense of perception in a person that is external to his egoistic subjective filter. This is called the revelation of the Creator and of the upper world to a person.

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