The Universe: The Mirror Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll that we perceive in this world does not belong to the spiritual realm. Of all the entire spiritual reality, we “catch” only a tiny and distorted part that can be sensed in our corrupt vessels. This tiny part of spirituality provides the livelihood of our vessels, “fuels” us up, thus letting us maintain our pseudo-existence called “the sweat of life.”

Our world with all its laws, nature, and science are imaginary since they are manifested solely in fictional vessels of the egoistic desire at its lowest stage. Anything we can attain with the help of science, even if it continued evolving for thousands of years, will always remain inside the ego.

This world exists only in our imagination. Eventually, above it, we will reveal the laws of the upper reality, altruistic desires, in other words, we will learn the laws of Kabbalah that pertain to the corrected world.

At that time, this material world will disappear (vanish). After all, this world exists not just in the egoistic desire, but rather in a human being. A person includes this world with everything that it ever had and has: dinosaurs and lions, stars and planets… We don’t perceive the universe per se, but rather we feel the depth of our material desires.

To the extent of the correction our material desires, everything will “flow” from egoism to altruism; then, materiality will “evaporate.” So, spending energy and efforts for materiality is a complete waste, since it is only a preparatory basis for the subsequent stages.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/4/13, “The Freedom” 

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