The General And The Particular Attainment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe exist in a sensation of life regarded as “this world.” It is the lowest, smallest, and worst world out of all, yet it is some kind of life, and we generally understand what it is. But how do we get into the particulars, meaning the upper worlds, and begin ascending them?

It can only be done if we desire to climb the rungs of these worlds in order to exalt and glorify the Creator. We need all these worlds for a single purpose: so that through them we are able to realize our bestowal, the love of others. In this case, instead of the common, superficial outlook of man experiencing himself in “this world,” we will be permitted to get into all the details and thereby climb the 125 steps of personal spiritual attainment.

Every peculiarity you wish to experience, attain, and see in these spiritual worlds requires that your efforts have the right aim and that the revelation that you will eventually receive is solely for the benefit of the others or the Creator (which is one and the same). Otherwise, why should you dig into all these details, for your own personal gratification? It’s impossible because spiritual pleasure is pleasure from bestowal rather than from receiving for oneself!

Therefore, to move from the general to the particular attainment in this world implies great aspiration and an opportunity to fulfill oneself ever more, to see something interesting not from afar but to personally engage and participate in a certain process. Clearly, there is a big difference between being an outside observer and being at the center of events, which brings much greater gratification.

Likewise, in a personal spiritual attainment, you also have an opportunity for greater bestowal, and to the degree that you are ready for it, this personal attainment will be revealed to you. Hence, a person who desires to see not just the general picture, “this world,” but also all the particulars, first, all the smallest details of creation and the Creator’s acts must become equipped with the intention “to bestow.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/29/2011, Writings of Rabash

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